Style Sense with Talya Lytle

. June 28, 2017.

Day to day, Talya will be found coordinating transportation from TARPS to vans for individuals served by A Renewed Mind Mental Health & Behavioral Center. Whether dispatching drivers or scheduling pick-ups, efficient multi-tasking ensures the daily schedule’s flow. That type of coordination speaks to her fashion sense.

Her fashions are often multi-textured with combinations of bold colors and whimsical prints. Her signature bold lip colors are as much a part of her fashion as her unique headgear and handmade accessories. She views her Afro-textured hair a part of her fashion statement with tiny, velvet-like locs peeking out from the “Boy George” bowler hat or the African Adinkra Headwraps she rocks.

Define your personal style:
My daily style depends on how I feel when I wake up. It’s a mixture of things, vintage, hip-hop and eclectic.

What is your stylespiration?
I am inspired by current trends as well as Ebony, Essence and InStyle magazines. No matter what the trend is, I’ll always add my own vintage flair to make it perfectly me. My style icon is actress Tracee Ellis-Ross, and the places I visit locally also give me ideas.

Which local shops do you frequent for clothing and accessories?
I absolutely love t-shirts and vintage tees, so not only do I frequent all the local thrift stores, I love JupMode Uptown and BagMe on Dorr St.. For accessories, I enjoy shopping from local handcrafted jewelry makers and Etsy online shops, or from people I meet on Instagram, Facebook.

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You frequently wear henna art on beautifully manicured hands. Who helps with that?
Artist Afreen has done my Henna tattoos a few times. They are beautiful and they smell wonderful. The herbs and essential oils in the henna is therapeutic in a way. My nail technician is Shontelle Bryant, but lately, I’ve been doing them myself.

What advice do you have for someone developing their personal style?
Just be yourself! If you really like a piece of clothing or an outfit, buy it— it is for YOU! Someone may not like what you’re wearing, but that’s okay as long as you’re comfortable with it. Be you because not being yourself is identity theft!