Style Sense with Sara “City” Lopez

. November 8, 2017.

It is poetic to be inspired to create a fashion genre that celebrates the nooks and crannies of a woman. Sara “City” Lopez, a Toledo spoken word artist/poet, who now lives in Mexico, incorporates her personal style into the clothing line, Curvas, for curvy ladies.

What was the “aha moment” that birthed your passion for fashion? A bad haircut. I was hot and my hair is thick. I used thinning shears meant for dogs, and with no experience, messed it up. I then lopped off one side and received so many compliments! Then it dawned on me; style is so temporary. Break rules and have some fun.

Was becoming a designer due to desire or necessity? Total necessity. The lack of plus-size clothing for women in Mexico was astonishing. They only have “señora” style things that a sexy, curvy woman wouldn’t be excited to wear.

Your signature poem is “Time.” What does time do for a person lacking self-confidence? I am 32 years old. I woke up and realized I am a good woman and that was enough for me to love myself.
How does Curvas support the #bodypositive movement? The Curvas message is to love yourself exactly how you are now. Being healthy is an intricate part of loving yourself. We are all works in progress and we need to love ourselves during the process.

Is there a common issue curvy women face? Many curvy women lack confidence because they confuse losing weight with gaining happiness. But if you find happiness at whatever size, life just becomes so much better.

When you aren’t running your local boutique, you can be found rescuing and rehabilitating animals. Do you believe that providing pieces for women with curves is a “mission” also? For sure!. I realized that since there were no stores with cute plus-size clothing, women started believing they didn’t deserve it. I try to help women to love themselves like I’ve learned to do. The profits will fund a collective of animal refuges throughout Mexico and eventually expand to Belize.

If your personal style was the subject of a poem, what would the title be? What the Curves Deserve.