Style Sense with Jordan Carter

. December 20, 2017.

Whitney Houston sang “I believe the children are our future…” and Waite High School Senior, Jordan Carter is certainly “leading the way” as the young woman, already her own boss, manages her growing modeling portfolio.

Jordan, a tomboy turned model, participates in athletic activities at school, community events and has used her skills to lead other youth while developing her career, inspired by her family’s roots, with her signature flavor and flair.

How would you describe your personal style? My personal style is a reflection of my personality; bold, unique, different and stand-out!


You have gorgeous natural curls! Do you prefer your hair curly or straight? I fully embrace and appreciate my curls. They blend right in with my bouncy personality.

As a young woman of Cuban heritage, does culture play a large role in your fashion? Born and raised in San Diego (near the US- Mexican border) with family living in Mexico, I grew up embracing my roots. I’d definitely say that my heritage has impacted my style. From a crop top and skirt with a nice bag and tennis shoes to a colorful romper, my style reaches beyond the borders for sure.

Do you have a style twin or favorite model or actress? It changes every day! I love Gabrielle Union, Beyonce, Ciara,
Rihanna and Michael Kors fashion.

What is your mantra and why? Be confident in yourself. I remember coaching 4th-6th grade basketball during a week-long camp (we won the championship). There’s so much hatred and jealousy among young people, it’s saddening. I am young and I despise how youth are treating one another. If everyone could be confident in who they are, in their own skin and their own abilities, there would be a lower violence rate because they’d be less likely to try to prove how strong they are, trying to get the attention and respect of others.