Sunday, September 25, 2022

Style Sense: The Birth of Ruby Jade

Like Botticelli’s Venus, Ruby Jade is showing the world the power of a woman’s curves. Ruby’s transformation into style and body acceptance really came into play when she began dancing for The T-Town Tassels. As a burlesque dancer, she’s embracing the thrill of being outside her comfort zone while defying society’s norms.

What is your foundation for great style?

Great style is whatever I like. Really, whatever fits on my body, whatever I feel good in.

And what do you find you feel good in?

Depends on the day. Lots of times, jeans and a t-shirt. I really love to dress up a lot, too. I like dresses with clean lines and that kind of 1940s-1950s inspired stuff. And then on other days, like today, I like things that sparkle.

What do you feel most fabulous wearing?

A little black dress… if you have one that you just love and you feel great in it and you’re comfortable in it, it’s the best thing ever.

When did you realize your sense of style?

Before I found [plus sized models] like Tess (Munster) Holliday and Rosie Mercado, my personal style was “cover it the hell up” and try to blend in with the background… It still took a little while after that for me to develop a personal style. And then when I joined Tassels it really all just came together. I deserve to not have to blend in with the background and wear a tablecloth or a muumuu or whatever. 

What advice would you give to other women who may not feel confident to rock a certain style?

There are no rules. You have a beautiful body; dress it the way you like it. Show off your tats, show off your curves, show off your attitude. When you love yourself and you love your body, it will show. And a must-have always is a smile.

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