Style Sense: Robert “E-Bunny” Easter Jr.

. January 26, 2017.

Robert “E-Bunny” Easter Jr.
Age: 26
Occupation: Professional Boxer and IBF Lightweight World Champion

Interview by Monique Ward

His love of fashion started when he was a UT freshman, meeting people on campus from other cities and admiring how well they dressed. Trips to H&M and began his fashion journey, which is still where he loves to shop. A visit to Glass City Boxing allowed us to ask him about his trendsetting style and fashion presence as the current IBF Lightweight Champion of the World.

As a world champion boxer, do you feel like your style is getting more attention?

No, it’s pretty much the same. I am not too flashy with the fashion, but I know how to put something nice together.

What is the signature E-Bunny look?

Urban vintage mixed with modern wear. Like t-shirts with old NBA teams or old-school hip-hop groups, like Run DMC.

Who is your style inspiration?

I like to dress according to how I feel that day. Depending on the weather, if it’s a sunny day I will wear just a classic clean look with some bright colors. On a cold day, I’ll wear a long-sleeved plaid shirt, jeans and my Timberland 6-inch Wheat boots.

If you could get rid of one fashion trend forever, what would it be?

The printed sweatpants with patterns because they are hard to match with. You can never find a top or a hat to wear with them, unless it came as a set.

I see a lot of people wearing your TBT gear all over the city. What does that mean and where can they purchase it?

TBT stands for The Bunny Team. That is my movement, my brand and my team. So far, we have baseball caps, winter hats, hoodies, tees for men and women, as well as sweatsuits. They range from $25-$150 and will be available at my title defense fight at The Huntington Center on February 10th.

If you could pick any major fashion line to design a line for you, what would it be?

Nike or Adidas would be ideal. I would love to have a sneaker named after me.

If there was one celebrity that you could do a fashion photo shoot with, who would it be and why?

Pharrell Williams because he knows his fashion. He just signed a deal with Chanel and that is very inspiring to me.