Saturday, February 24, 2024

Style Sense: Eryn Thacker

Age: 38

Occupation: Billing Specialist at Optivue/Doorwoman/Knitter/Cross Stitch Artist with 2 Dirty Needles

For artists, creativity often spills over into personal style. Such is the case for Eryn Thacker, whose fearless love of makeup lends itself to using her face as a canvas. Her adoration for a plethora of colors, documented on her Instagram account (@xerynx), create looks from which one can draw inspiration or live vicariously. 

How has your make-up style changed throughout the years? 

I used to wear a ton of bright colors. I could have five different neon colors on my eyes. Lately, I’ve been really into more neutrals, which is weird to me but I still pack on a whole bunch of different shades. 

What are three must-haves in your makeup stash? 

A full coverage foundation, a good mascara, and a good nude, matte lipstick. 

Before you prepare your look, do you have something in mind or do you just wing it?

I try to do the old school [philosophy of] lips or eyes— don’t do both… you can’t do it all.

Are there any celebrities or icons that influence your style? 

I hate to say it, but Kim Kardashian’s eyes are always really good… Batalash, MannyMUA and Patrick Starrr. Those last two are both guys, but they don’t do drag. They just wear make-up. 

What line of tools do you prefer? 

I like MAC brushes. Another one: e.l.f. They make awesome brushes and a lot of really good products. 

Are there any other local places you like to get make-up?

No… I really love to get my make-up at Walgreen’s. I have so much MAC leftover from when I use to buy high-end stuff. NYX is my favorite big brand and BH Cosmetics, which is online. My skincare, Brunhildas’ Cleansing Balm, is made by a girl in town, who’s just killing it. Her name is Sam Woods and she works at Attitudes. Her stuff is sold at Etsy at Brunhildas Potions. It’s so good and it’s natural. The cleanser is made with honey, beeswax, and essential oils.

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