Style Sense: Ben and Bri Gibson

. January 28, 2015.

Married couple Ben and Bri Gibson were spotted underneath the “You Will Do Better in Toledo” sign at Wesley’s Bar on Adams Street during its eponymous celebration on December 17, 2014. Ben’s style is clean and urbane, while Bri’s look is a bit more soft and whimsical. They both advocate shopping local, whether they’re looking for vintage or contemporary pieces. Vintage addicts, heed Bri’s recommendations!

What do you think defines style in the 419?

Bri: I think style in Toledo is both aesthetic and practical. A lot of people our age are part of the working class, so many of us are aesthetically inclined to lean toward utilitarian clothing and strong stylish accents.

Ben: We live in a time where there are options, and it’s easy to be well put-together. 

Where do you like to shop locally?

Bri: I’ll shop anywhere, though I tend to lean heavily toward vintage style, so some of the first places I’ll check are The Maumee Antique Mall, Great Finds in Maumee, and the Carriage House in Perrysburg for jewelry or accessories. A few days ago, I realized how much Jupmode I have in my closet, so I guess my wardrobe is a little more eclectic than I initially thought.

In terms of clothing or accessories, what are the fashionable must-haves for winter in Toledo?

Bri: I think everyone needs a good, obscenely large scarf. It’s practical and stylish! I mean, it doubles as a blanket if my car dies. 

Ben: A well-fitted button-up peacoat. 

If money were no object, what fashion item would you own in a heartbeat?

Bri: I would buy Audrey Hepburn’s film career closet in a heartbeat. 

Ben: A European-styled tailored suit.