Chavar Dontae

. December 3, 2013.

Chavar is a true gentleman with killer style. He stood out as a seriously sharp dresser among the plaids and beards on Adams Street. A recent MTV Artist of the Day, he prefers to keep his outfits simple and effortlessly cool. Quite frankly, no one rocks a leather jacket, statement shoes, and sharp glasses quite like he does. And…it doesn’t hurt that he’s incredibly kind, generous, and always down to share his ideas about music, fashion, and improving Toledo.  
When did you realize that you needed to express yourself through fashion?

5th grade, believe it not.
Who were your earliest influences on your style?

Purple Rain era Prince, James Bond, Michael Jackson, Bruce Lee the actor/philosopher not the characters he played. I was into fashion early mainly because I was around much older people that were into designer fashions. My uncle lived in NYC and I was infatuated with that whole vibe and culture.
Who are your favorite well-dressed musicians?

I have to name people from an era of the past. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Temptations, The Rolling Stones.
What is your favorite thing to wear when you perform?

I dress the same running errands as I would performing. I don’t have a performance uniform. How I express myself on stage and daily is who I am.

What are some local places you recommend for cool and original pieces?

Definitely Thrifty Trendz. They find some really amazing vintage pieces. I don’t normally like telling people where I shop but Thrifty Trendz is an awesome place and the owners are extremely pleasant.