Alex Rodriguez: Style Sense

. October 19, 2016.

Age 23
Occupation: Model & Nightclub Promoter

Sometimes style isn’t conventional or predictable— it’s completely experimental. That is exactly how male model, Alex (also known by his alias, Alejandro) describes his alternative and hip wardrobe. When he isn’t traveling across the country for impromptu photoshoots or fashion shows, you can find Alex promoting parties at nightclubs, like Realm, right here in Toledo.

I see you have quite a few tattoos. Do you know how many you have or have you lost count? I have 21 tattoos and I eventually want to cover my whole body with them. As long as I am breathing, I’m never going to stop getting tattoos.

What would you say sets your style apart from everyone else?
I am a skateboarder who mixes my love for Hip-Hop style with a Punk Rock swag. I have yet to run into someone who looks or dresses like me.

I love your gauges! They are very unique. Where did find them?
At the jewelry kiosk in Franklin Park Mall called Body Arts. I buy gauges with stones because they are more eye-catching.

How can someone find those distressed jeans you have on?
I get my jeans from Top Threadz Toledo at 2903 Dorr Street. The brand I wear mostly is Raw & Dirty Jeans, which most don’t know cost $150 per pair.

You are wearing a UT Rockets tee… Is that your way of showing your Toledo Pride? Do you wear Toledo gear on a regular basis?
Yes, I am one of those individuals that feel like, “You will do better in Toledo,” and it is what you make it. As a male model, I travel a lot and still have yet to experience anywhere like home. Too many people leave Toledo and forget where they come from. I want my style to scream that I’m from the Glass City.


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