Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Social Studies

Time to pARTy!
Lovers of art (not to mention good food and fun) celebrated together March 15 at “The Mix,” the can’t-miss annual fundraiser organized by The Arts Commission. Hundreds strolled among food and silent-auction stations, while listening to live music and observing awe-inspring circus performers.  







Tricia Swemba and Phil Hazard











Mary Larkin, Susan Wilson and Libbey Call 











Dennis Norman and Margy Trumbull



These parties are held on the third Sunday of every month and feature a dance lesson then a party with the Big Band, Night Session. The entire range of dance music is played, which gives guests plenty of time to practice their steps and what they learned in their classes.






Tom Lewis and Jennifer Dubow












Sean Meyers and Jenifer Leonard 


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