Monday, July 22, 2024

Festival Season

The Old West End Festival 2014 was a huge success, bringing Toledoans together from Friday, June 6 to Sunday, June 8 to celebrate their town and one of its most historic neighborhoods. The fun went on all weekend long with great music in the Arboretum, a rocking King Wamba Parade, lots of house tours and plenty of impromptu backyard parties.

Shakela Watkins, Keri Porter, Hallie Arrigon, Jessica Hildreth, Veronica Schultz, Rachel Koester, Jessica Schadel and Amy Hillard

Jeni Belt












Timothy Healy, Fredric L. Glover, Johnny Newmark, Steve Snickz Coleman and Larry Gold







Sean Gough, Kyle Iwanicki, Brittani Gonzalez,  and Mark Jacobs







Greg Justus







Erika and Vickie Rapp celebrate the second anniversary of Registry Bistro

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