Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Gary, we hardly knew ye: Next steps in City Politics

Ya wanna know one of the biggest lies in City Politics?

Granted, there are lots of ‘em. Most have to do with being nothing more than humble public servants. But prob the biggest is “I hate to say I told you so.”

Let’s put that to rest right now. Here at City Politics, we absolutely adore saying we told you so. It’s our joie de vivre, our raison d’etre, and a bunch of other fancy schmancy French phrases to boot. Our stock in trade, if you will. And even if you won’t.

Our job is literally to tell you so. And then gloat and preen after the fact, and
remind you that we told you so. Like this moment right here. Now that the Ohio primaries are over, and incumbent county commish Gary Byers got trounced, sliced, and diced by Rep Lisa Sobecki, we gotta say it.

We told you so.

Lame duck
Poor Gary. We have already recounted his political path. Incumbent judges rarely get challenged, let alone lose. Yet he managed that ignominious feat, losing his seat on the Maumee bench. Instead of returning to the private sector, he ran for commissioner and won.

He’s a generally nice guy, but he ran afoul of powerful constituencies. We hear it’s in part because he consolidated certain county services, thereby eliminating good paying union employment. And fouling up the services royally.

Now he’s again an incumbent loser. He’s the lamest of lame ducks. Still over half a year to go in his term, and he’s out.

Sobecki will face Sylvania Township Trustee John Jennewine in the general election. Meanwhile, Gary will be back in the private sector at last.


Or perhaps he’ll find another elected gig. Hey Gary! You lost to Lisa, but you finished laps ahead of Spencer Township Trustee Michael Hood! Mebbe gun for his job?

Earlier in this column we wrote that the Ohio primaries were over. That’s not quite true. The state GOP remains obstructionist when it comes to new district maps for state rep and senate seats. The districts aren’t yet drawn, and no one can predict when primaries for those seats might be held.

Perennial losers like Killer Dia and Robert Worthington are chomping at the bit for another humiliation at the ballot box. But the redistricting debacle continues, with no end in sight. Stay tuned.

Seven come eleven
One last tidbit before we close. T-town prob has no more or less fraudsters then any other burg our size. What we have in spades, though, is fraudsters who bumble their way to chaplinesque hilarity.

Remember the four indicted members of Toledo city council? One of whom allegedly passed a six hundred dollar bribe in a magazine? Then dropped the magazine in the parking lot, scattering the bribe money to the wind? Yeah, that kind of silent film bumbling chaplinesque hilarity.

Now we bring you the important Hispanic social services agency Adelante. Where an employee is alleged to have embezzled a total of four hundred thousand dollars. And fumbled it away on gambling debts at local casinos.

Adelante roughly translates to “go ahead”. The jokes write themselves, so use your imagination.

This reminds us of other local non-profit embezzlement scams. And one lingering question. Ever heard of a counter-signature?

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