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On the Radar – April 2022

Hitting the roads
It is time for road construction to begin anew in the Toledo area. (Did it ever really end?) Plans call for more than 100 roads in the Toledo area to be reconstructed or resurfaced this year, as outlined by the City’s Residential Roads Program. 89 residential roads will see the top layer of asphalt stripped and repaved, while 25 roads will be completely removed and rebuilt. The largest project will see 8.9 miles of the Anthony Wayne Trail completely rebuilt and narrowed from three lanes to two. For more information on the planned construction, visit

Metroparks for everyone
The Metroparks Foundation received a $24,700 grant from the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation National Paralysis Resource Center, aimed at aiding the Metroparks in purchasing equipment to provide “adaptive outdoors experiences for people with disabilities.” The Metroparks have announced plans to purchase two pieces of equipment with the grant money: an Action Trackchair, allowing people with disabilities to travel over rough terrain, and a portable pool to provide swimming programs for people of varying abilities.

Elm Street warehouse to be demolished
After years of disuse and campaigns for it to be torn down, a warehouse located at 1502 Elm Street will be demolished this year. The property has been abandoned for over 15 years. The Lucas County Land Bank took ownership of the structure this past October. It will cost an estimated $750,000 to demolish the warehouse.

Blue Healers save green
Mercy College of Ohio has announced new programs offering financial assistance for nursing students, beginning in the Summer 2022 semester. All incoming nursing students will receive a $2000 “Blue Healer” award as a credit toward their tuition. In addition, Bachelor of Science in Nursing students entering the program directly from high school may be eligible for a forgivable loan if they choose to work as a nurse in one of Mercy Health’s local facilities after graduation.

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