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Soul Sister Healing Arts Studio Cultivates Community in Woodville

On Main Street in a small, quiet village halfway between Perrysburg and Fremont— on Route 20 in Sandusky County— you will find a small storefront with a significant impact. The storefront is similar to many other buildings throughout small towns in the Midwest, a building built in the 1800s that features two bay windows displaying some of the products offered inside with new-age style tapestries hanging in the background. While the exterior of the building may be familiar to anyone who has lived in or driven through small towns in the Midwest, the true magic lies inside. 

The vintage lime green couch and complimentary coffee bar, whose invitation to sit and relax is impossible to resist. Photo from their Facebook page.

Soul Sister Healing Arts Studio in Woodville, Ohio is anything but ordinary. While it may appear to be like any other new-age business selling crystals, tarot decks, and offering various kinds of services like tarot readings, one step through the front door shatters that presupposition. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with a palpable sense of support and community. 

The front of the building is reserved for local artisans and vendors, with an array of crystals, incense, jewelry, and an exclusive intention candle line only found at this location. A vintage lime green couch and matching chair practically invite you to sit and relax for a while. The cash register is straight ahead, with an airy corridor to the right of it, which leads to smaller, separate rooms for readings, reiki and the shop’s most recent addition to their services, massage. The lofty ceilings maintain the original pressed tin tiles, and the large windows allow natural light to illuminate the space. 

Mystic Mama creates magic

This enchanting space would not be what it is without Amy Schacht, owner and proprietor. Schact, also known as Mystic Mama Tarot, has cultivated a community of local artisans, healers, and customers, an environment that feels as supportive and welcoming as she is herself. 

“I always say if you found me, you were meant to. My clients turn into friends, and those who end up contributing something to this studio is not by accident,” Schacht said. “My hope for the studio is to build community. A community for free thinkers, truth seekers, creatives/artists, bohemians, those on a solitary spiritual path. A place to offer fellowship, healing, and learning for like-minded kindred souls. This place is for everyone.”

One of the newest fragrances of the exclusive intention candle line, hand poured in Woodville by Rebecca Tokar, owner of The Perfect Match Candles. This line of intention candles is only available at Soul Sisters. Photo from their Facebook page.

Current vendors are all local artisans. Rebecca Tokar, owner of The Perfect Match Candles, is a local to Woodville and one of the customers’ favorite vendors. Tokar hand-pours the exclusive intention candles that can only be found at Soul Sisters, though her other candle and wax melt lines are available on her website. “It’s very welcoming and inviting,” Tokar said. “It feels like I’m part of the family; it feels like home.” 

Tokar also sells her products in other storefronts locally, though the intention line is exclusive to Soul Sister. “Amy doesn’t just claim we’re all helping each other; she really does help everyone who comes in.” It is evident that Schacht is the heart of the studio with a purpose of spreading support and healing to any who come through the door.

Mischelle Buchanan, one of Soul Sister’s reiki healers and vendor known as ChelleBWell, echoes this sentiment. “I would describe the studio as my happy place, my second home,” she said. “The energy there is very relaxing. A hot cup of coffee or tea on the couch is such a comfort.” 

Spell jars created by Inspired Clarity with Candice, ready to purchase in-store. Photo from their Facebook page.

Buchanan first connected with the studio during a frequently offered tarot class, which led to her own involvement. “I am a Reiki master teacher, and offer Reiki sessions, Raindrop Oil Technique sessions, and chakra clearing. I also enjoy sharing the benefits of essential oils.” She offers “one on one consults for essential oils and makes diffuser jewelry, bath salts, room sprays,” which all are available for purchase in the studio. 

Vendors, classes, and services – oh, my!

Buchanan not only sells her own line of essential oils in the studio, but she also teaches classes about the benefits of the oils and how best to use them. Her next class via the studio, Introduction to Essential Oils, begins Sunday, May 15 at 2 pm. Find more information about this class here

Multiple classes are offered every month, taught by Schacht, Buchanan, and others. Well-known individuals, like YouTube tarot reader Jessica Lynn, are frequently invited for special events, which sell out quickly. Lynn will be in the studio June 11 offering her readings by appointment only. Classes are added frequently. For a complete list of upcoming classes and/or events, click here

In addition to the variety of classes offered, new services are also frequently added. Schachter offers tarot readings by appointment Wednesdays through Saturdays from 12-5pm, or by walk-in on Tuesdays from 5-10 pm. She also offers a Full Moon reading for $25 on – you guessed it! – every full moon. Reiki practitioner, Carrie Kaiser, is available on Mondays and Tuesdays, and Buchanan offers her services Wednesdays through Saturdays. Brianna Garner, LMT, is the studio’s latest addition. A certified massage therapist, Garner offers massages, hot stones, and cupping, and is available for appointments Wednesdays and Sundays. Click here for a complete list of services!

Other local vendors include LMMade419, a metalsmith and jewelry maker (click here to check out their Etsy store); The Enchanted Virgo, a new vendor providing both common and rare crystals; Inspired Clarity with Candice, who creates intention spell jars (check out her website here); Dawn’s Rock Garden, who paints intricate designs on rocks for both indoor and outdoor use; and other vendors who provide an array of art, furniture, and oddities. 

Men are welcome, too!

At this time, most vendors are women-owned small businesses, although “I would love to get more men in here,” Schacht said. Despite the name, all are welcome within the walls, and Schacht encourages men to come in the store either as clients or vendors. 

“If you walk through my door, you felt the pull to stop. You leave with a reading you needed, some healing long overdue, a product or artwork that fills your soul. You might end up being a guest artist, vendor, teacher, or sign up for a class about that thing you have always wanted to learn about. You definitely found me for a reason, and it’s a beautiful thing! Pure Magick really!” 

As for the future, Schacht said “my goals are expansion and growth to include more artists, practitioners, and creatives, to keep contributing their gifts and talents to reach farther and farther to find those who need this beautiful space with beautiful people in it sharing their talents.” 

Schachter credits the success and sense of community to those who have found their way to the storefront, though the vendors were quick to rest it all on Schachter’s shoulders. “She has a way of bringing people together,” says Tokar. “This place just wouldn’t be the same without her.” Despite high praise, Schachter remains humble, saying, “my studio is so much bigger than me; it exists because all the beautiful souls drawn here and are now a part of what makes it work!”

You can find Soul Sister Healing Arts Studio at 121 Main Street, Woodville, Ohio, 43469.

Hours of Operation: Tuesdays 5 – 10 pm, Wednesdays – Saturdays 12 – 5 pm, Sunday by appointment only.


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