Monday, April 15, 2024

Toledo According To… James “dirtykics” Dickerson

Years lived in Toledo: 36

Occupation: Book slinger at the public library and something like a photographer.

My story, in one sentence: Just another man escaping stress.

One song lyric to describe my ideal self: “I’m the traveler I go place to place. They see my face then I’m gone.” The Traveler by Guru.

Most people know me for: Photographing the people of Toledo and slaying the word “man.”


I wish more people knew me as: A prose whisperer.

The best thing I’ve ever eaten in Toledo was: QQ Kitchen (General Tso w/ Lo Mein noodles) and Gino’s Pizza (everything on the menu)!


The best time I ever had in Toledo: Being born a twin on March 11.

If I knew I could get away with it, I would: Sneak into other peoples homes and photograph their secrets. Shhhhh!

The best view in Toledo: The rooftop of the Tower on the Maumee.


The artists and musicians I love: Black Market Rx, Wax and Yusuf Lateef and PHYBR, STAY BORING, D.Y.I

The Toledoan I most admire: Gutta Dave (David Ross). Through all the work he’s done, I’ve never once heard or witnessed him saying he does this for self. It’s always for the people, never for self gain or acknowledgement. His heart belongs to those that may not know that they own a piece of it.

If I could apologize to anyone it would be: God, for being the Devil’s son-in-law.

What my ideal day WOULD look like, from morning to night: Seeing my children off to school and hitting the streets w/ my Rolleiflex to photograph the people. Then assisting them with homework and developing my work for the day. The missing part of this story is that I have a 9-5, which I love, but freedom is a photo away.

The thing I truly need to let go of: The fact that I’ll never be 6’4 (I’m 6’3).

The reason I am most proud of myself right now: I’m proud of my kids for being who they are. That’s more important to the future, so my pride can wait, I’ll reflect on my life before dying.

What makes me truly feel alive: Seeing things others don’t. Its like slipping a memory out from under the crowd.

When I was in High School, I probably would have been described as: The other twin.

If I met the 16-year-old me, he would: Be happy that I’m accepting of who I am.

My first kiss in Toledo was: in the 2800 block of Fulton Street.

My favorite local people to follow on social media are: @hatekatiemidge @zapwallah @wellspokenimaging @anthonyorosz @krystasa @pgcomix.

What I’m listening to: Dorian Concept, Mono/Poly, Earl Sweatshirt, JPEGMAFIA and Home, Floating Points.

On a typical day, I wear: Black.

The type of garment or accessory that I have the most of: Black T-Shirts from Old Navy.

The fashion risk I wish I took sooner: Black plaid or herringbone designs with black Chucks and rainbow laces.

My style icon: 90’s Hip Hop with a little skate influence.

I feel my best when wearing a black sweater. A black sweater makes me feel indiscriminate in a sea of people.

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