Toledo According to Glass City Pedicabs!

. October 5, 2016.

How Maxwell and Stephanie Austin fills up their Glass (City)

Name: Maxwell Austin

Age: 39
Toledoan since: 1998
Occupation: Owner of Glass City Pedicabs and Glass City Pub Cycle

Name: Stephanie Austin

Age: 33
Toledoan since: 1983
Occupation: Graphic Designer and Owner of Glass City Pedicabs and Glass City Pub Cycle


If we need to buy a present for a special occasion, I know the Paula Brown Shop will hook me up with a great gift.

The streets we’re asked to pedicab on the most are Adams, Huron, and St. Clair.

Our favorite night out in Toledo is getting to pedicab Zombie Crawl every year.


The musicians we love are Blowing Grains and Go Lab. We even had Blowing Grains play our wedding! As for artists we love Zac Lyons, Vivian Ivey, and Yusuf Lateef.

Too many people think there’s nothing to do in Toledo, but it’s wrong because there is so much to do out there. People just have to get out of their houses and stop being couch potatoes.

When I want to unwind we go to one of our wonderful Metroparks.

To find inspiration, we go to pedicab.

The first three words that come to mind about Toledo are totally freakin’ awesome.

We go to the roof of the Hillcrest Apartments for the best view in Toledo. We were lucky enough to be invited to the roof and the view is spectacular.

The last store we went to was Boyd’s Retro Candy Shop. We always get spicy ginger ale and cowtails.

We know Homeslice Pizza will satisfy our munchies.


The thing we are most excited about is our new Glass City pub cycle— coming soon!