Toledo According To Dean Tartaglia

. May 22, 2019.
Dean Tartaglia

Years lived in Toledo: 22 years collectively. I was born in Morristown, NJ. My family moved here when I was three. I went to college at Ohio University, moved back when I turned 22 and have been here since.

Occupation: Publicist for bands. I recently started my own company— Little Star PR. I’m also a working musician. My current group is called ROVR, and in the past, I fronted Secret Space and Silent Lions, along with playing sax in The Sights. I have played with Tenacious D and Coolio.

One song lyric to describe myself: “God gave me a funky soul so I USE it” (Scallops Hotel – “Bought My Kid A Highchair”).Dean-Tartaglia-resized

Most people know me for: My band Secret Space (RIP).

The best thing I’ve eaten in Toledo: 5th Street Pub, one of the few consistently GREAT spots in town. My whole family and all my close friends love it too.

The street I walk on most often: Main Street in Sylvania. Downtown Sylvania is the most underrated little neighborhood, a working class area— not the yuppie suburbs. Downtown Main Street has been vibrant as of late. I love taking a break during the day and just going on a long walk or run; it vibes with my spirit. I love love love it.

The best time I’ve ever had in Toledo: Getting married to my wife Sara in the middle of Oak Openings. Perfect day.

If I could change one thing about Toledo: The current rut a lot of the creatives seem to be in, feeling like there’s not a lot of opportunity going around. All the different scenes need to start working together more to CREATE more opportunities. The Arts Commission people need to get hip to the weirdo scene. The weirdo scene needs to get hip to the older Adams Street crowd. The rap and rock scenes need to just be one thing at this point (shout out Chris Cali for all the work you put in). I’d love to be one of the people to help bring all these people together, we could really change the vibe around here creatively and do some damage!

Handel's Ice cream

When I’m craving ice cream I go to: Handel’s.

When I’m craving a big salad I go to: Manos.

When I’m craving inspiration I go to: The LightHouse Arts Collective on St. Clair St.

The Toledoan I admire the most: Rob Seiffert. My brother, my soul, my guide.

What makes me truly feel alive: Creating music day in and day out, then going to perform that music for people. It’s who I am in my purest form. Everything else just slips away. I need more of that in my life.

Toledoan I’d like to get coffee with: If there’s anyone who’s seen ME in passing and would like to get coffee, let’s make it happen!

Little Star PR

The hardest decision I’ve made the past year: Going all in on my PR company. Performing will always be my first passion, but it was time for a paradigm shift and a lot of gritty hard work. It is absolutely making me a better person.

House of Dow

I could sum up my personal style in these five words: Everything I own is thrifted (shout out to House of Dow).

The type of garment I have the most of: Long trench coats

I wish more people knew me for: My new band ROVR… though we’re just getting started and have a long way to go. We’ll get there.