Saturday, April 20, 2024

Toledo According To…Brittany Burns

Years lived in Toledo: Two. Before that, my last home was in the DC area. Then, I spent three months in Naples, Italy, about the same amount of time selling replacement rototiller blades in Indianapolis before I moved to Toledo.

Occupation: Recent AmeriCorps VISTA alum, current part-time Toledo International Film Festival Project Assistant with the Ohio Theatre, and starting a new job at a local nonprofit, Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC).

My story, in one sentence: Girl grows up in Indiana, reads too much, becomes a spy, quits to volunteer with asylum-seekers in Italy, then comes back to the US to promote immigrant workforce development and perform mediocre Kris Delmhorst covers on porches—it’s the classic American story!

One song lyric to describe my ideal self: “Lo poco que tengo es tan poco que me hace feliz” (“the little I have is so little, it makes me happy”) – by Ricardo Arjona

Most people know me for: confusing me with Welcome Toledo-Lucas County Co-Lead, Brittany Ford!

I wish more people knew me for: being one of the folks behind the Glenwood Lutheran Church sign (@theglenwoodsign on Insta).

The best thing I’ve ever eaten in Toledo was: the maqloubeh special at Sidon. I felt like I was back in Jordan!

The street I drive on/walk on most often is: not a street at all, but the red and purple trails at Wildwood Metropark.

The best time I ever had in Toledo: The Toledo International Film Festival last year—foreign films, food, and performances promoting cultural diversity in a historic theatre.Toledo-According-To_-Brittany-Burns2

If I could change one thing about Toledo: we need a karaoke place. I want to go hoarse scream-singing 90s hits with my friends without listening to strangers butcher “Don’t Stop Believin.”

If I knew I could get away with it (without succumbing to fatal sugar intoxication), I would: eat ice cream from a local shop every day of the week during the summer—Mr. T’s Barn, Rudy’s, Frozen Frenzy, Handel’s…

The best view in Toledo: Wildwood in the snow!

When I’m craving silence, I go to: the Classic Court at the Toledo Museum of Art. Ahhhh. Always refreshing.

My ideal day look like, from morning to night: Start with like an eight mile run at Wildwood, then enjoy brunch with friends at Fowl & Fodder. Spend the afternoon at one of the many festivals Toledo hosts. After a traditional Napolitan dinner for eight cooked by yours truly (sorry; I’m an Italian food snob), take in the Toledo Symphony Orchestra playing Brahms. Head downtown for a nightcap at the Black Cloister or, if I’m feeling fancy, the Heights.

The reason I am most proud of myself right now: I’m finally overcoming my fear of commitment, letting Toledo be my home and building a life here.

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