Toledo According To Anthony Fontana and Casey Gsell

. February 13, 2019.

Anthony Fontana

Owens Corning User Experience Leader

Has lived in Toledo for 14 years

Most people know me for: I’m in the seminary at the Buddhist Temple of Toledo, and I lead a couple of meditation groups around town.

I wish more people knew me for: My art and performances at Artomatic 419!

The best view in Toledo: The view of the High Level Bridge from the trails outside Owens Corning’s offices along the river.

The Toledoan I most admire: My teacher, Jay Rinsen Weik, who is a UT Jazz Professor, Founder of Shobu Aikido and the Toledo Mindfulness Institute, and Abbott of the Buddhist Temple. He’s a great teacher and a fantastic speaker. If you haven’t met him or heard him talk, come on by or check out the temple podcast.

What my ideal day looks like, from morning to night: On Zen retreat out near Oak Openings. Meditation, nature, naps, and the most tasty vegan food found anywhere around.

When I was in high school, I probably would have been described as: A comic book geek.

What I’m listening to: Weezer Teal just dropped and I’m all about it.

The type of garment or accessory that I have the most of: Mala bead bracelets. My newest was a Christmas gift from Casey. It has a bead sealed with lavender that we picked when we got engaged. And it was made locally by The Vintage Angel.

Casey Gsell

Principal Bassoonist, Toledo Symphony

Has lived in Toledo for 3 1/2 years

Most people know me for: Being up on the big screen at our Toledo Symphony concerts.

I wish more people knew me for: Bassoon! Not everyone knows which instrument it is. If you aren’t sure, wave
at me after a concert, and I’ll bring it to the front of the stage for you to check out!

The artists and musicians I love: My colleagues in the Toledo Symphony! We play over 150 concerts each year in a wide range of styles. Individually, we all have many years of training and practice, and then we all come together to create great music in the moment for Toledo.

When I was in high school, I probably would have been described as: Quiet and book smart.

If I met the 16-year-old me, she would: Be proud! When I was 16, I wasn’t sure if it was realistic to hope to be an orchestra principal because there are so few jobs available.

My first kiss in Toledo was: With Anthony, in the Old West End.

What I’m listening to: NBA podcasts.

On a typical day, I wear: Yoga clothes! I love working out at The Hot Room and Yogaja.

The type of garment or accessory that I have the most of: Black items for concerts. It’s surprisingly hard to match!

The fashion risk I wish I took sooner: Vintage jewelry! I’m in love.

The best thing I’ve eaten in Toledo: Oat pancakes at Rasa and brussel sprouts at QQ kitchen.


The street I drive on/walk on most often is: The road to Balance for tacos.


The best time we ever had in Toledo: Will be next summer, when we get married at Wildwood.

If we could change one thing about Toledo: Pave the potholes.

If we knew we could get away with it, we would: Open an indie movie theatre… and eat popcorn all day.

When we’re craving Graham Central Station, we go to Handel’s Ice Cream.

The thing we truly need to let go of: Getting the potholes paved.

The reason I am most proud of myself right now: I learned to make oat pancakes, just like Rasa makes.

What makes us truly feel alive: Being in love.

The hardest decision we have made in the past year: Where to go on our honeymoon…still TBD!

The last time I had a serious-oh-my-god-my-stomach-hurts-now belly laugh was when: We were watching a comedy on Netflix, Secret Time with Bert Kreisher.

We could sum up our personal style with these five words: Where are the peanut butter cups?