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Road Trip – May 2022

Rock on, Billy Bob
Billy Bob Thornton is an Academy Award winning actor with iconic film roles to his credit. Before all that, though, he loved music. Thornton will bring his band, The Boxmasters, to the Odeon Concert Club in Cleveland on Thursday, May 26. Founded in the mid-2000s with sound engineer J.D. Andrew, the Boxmasters started with the idea of putting an American spin on some classic British rock favorites, eventually evolving to find a rockabilly sound all its own. $35-50. 7pm. 1295 Old River Rd., Cleveland. 216-771-6655.

Welcome to the Third Place
Concerts should be inclusive and accessible to all who love music. That’s the basic idea at the core of the Third Place [MusicFest], being held in Ann Arbor from Wednesday, May 25 through Saturday, May 28. The event is a performing arts festival that will host concerts in a variety of venues in an effort to bring together artists, audiences and businesses throughout the community. “Third Place” is not indicative of finishing behind first and second, but rather a reference to a sociology idea— a third location, beyond home and work, that people feel like they “belong.”

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