Bad Bowlers unite! Miracle Lanes has a league for you!

Are you bad at bowling? Like, REALLY bad? Is your average somewhere in the high double digits? Do you consider it a victory when you can just keep your ball out of the gutter? Did you once get a strike and you still talk about it years later? Then Miracle Lanes’ Bad Bowlers league might be for you.

Bad Bowlers consists of teams of four who meet weekly at Miracle Lanes, located at 5030 Jackman Rd., for an eight week mini league with special rules for less-than-expert players. Each team will participate in three “nine-is-fine” games— meaning that if you only knock down nine pins with your first ball, congratulations, that counts as a strike.

In addition to the fun and friendship brought on by participating in the game, each team gets a large pizza and a pitcher of domestic draft beer or soda delivered to the lane every week.

The Bad Bowlers league costs $12 each week per bowler and takes place over the course of eight weeks on one of four nights:

-Wednesday nights at 7:30pm, began on April 20
-Monday nights at 7pm beginning May 2
-Thursday Nights at 7pm beginning May 26
-Tuesday nights at 7pm, beginning May 31

In addition to the Bad Bowlers league, Miracle Lanes hosts a variety of other programs including Afternoon Seniors bowling, Thursday Summer Doubles and more. There’s even a special “Margarita Bad Bowlers” program where attendees can get a pitcher of, you guessed it, margaritas with your games. For more information, visit the Miracle Lanes website or Facebook page.