New book an examination of mental health treatments from years past

Located at the corner of South Detroit and Arlington Avenues, Toledo State Hospital was operational from 1888 until the early 1980s. Its emphasis on the cottage model — as opposed to the sterile, more traditional, institutional facilities prevalent during its time — made the hospital for the mentally ill a progressive example of compassionate care. 

The best books you’ve read in 2020

What were some of the best books you had a chance to read this year? Share your discoveries with a virtual group of friends. The Wood County District Public Library hosts a Google Meet session, The Best Books We Read in 2020, on Thursday, December 17. Join the chat, share your ideas and get some

Glass City Blues author tells new stories

Nathan Elias, a Toledo native now living in Florida, grabbed attention two years ago with his debut chapbook of poems entitled Glass City Blues. The author has followed up with The Reincarnations, an eclectic collection of short stories. Elias is also currently working on a novel, Coil Quake Rift, scheduled for publication early next year.

A good doctor’s Extraordinary Mission

Bestselling author, mobile eye doctor and Catholic speaker Dr. John R. Wood will be the guest at the Catholic Business Network’s next free event on Thursday, December 3. Entitled The Extraordinary Mission, the event will see Dr. Wood discussing issues related to the body, faith and more. Dr. Wood has authored three books, The Light

Murder and mystery in 1920’s Ohio

The work of Dayton native Jess Montgomery will take center stage at the Wood County District Public Library’s monthly Coffee Talk Book Discussion. The Widows, a thrilling mystery set in 1920’s Ohio, is the subject for the virtual meeting. The book tells the tale of a woman whose sheriff husband is murdered while transporting a

A history of the opiate epidemic

Harbor, a mental health service provider, is teaming up with the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board of Northwest Ohio to present a discussion about Sam Quinones’ harrowing book Dreamland. A look at the opiate epidemic over the course of 15 years, Dreamland follows its story from the streets to the clinics and all places

A Bloody Good Read: BG author conjures supernatural tale

Nichole Craig’s family has always had a thing for the supernatural. When she was in tenth grade, her parents took her on a trip to St. Augustine’s in Florida, a location known for its ghost tours. It has always been a fun aspect of growing up, though Craig herself is still on the fence about

From ditch digger to entrepreneur— Ken Rusk shares his insights

“Years and years ago, we had something called shop class in our high schools,” said Ken Rusk, owner of Everdry Waterproofing of Toledo. “That got replaced, back in the 80’s, by rooms of computers. Which is fine, because we needed to learn those skills. At the same time, (however), it eliminated the chance for a

Take to the Black Kite stage again

After a long layoff, forced by the quarantine orders, Black Kite Coffee on Collingwood recently restarted an Open Mic Night. Held on a bi-weekly basis on Tuesdays at 5:30pm, the Black Kite’s Open Mic welcomes artists of all stripes, from musicians to poets and more. Spearheaded by UT alumnus and Toledo native Samuel Rudd, the

Write On: Three authors shed light on what it takes to get published

If you’ve ever felt absolutely certain that the first draft of that novel you stowed away in a filing cabinet might just be the next New York Times bestseller, you’re in good company. Most literary types have fostered the notion, hoping for the prized end goal most every writer: publication. But how does one make

2020 Ode to the ZIP Code

Your ZIP code is more than just your address— it’s part of your identity.  The Toledo City Paper has made an effort to express that point since 2016, when we joined The Fair Housing Center, The Arts Commission, the Toledo Lucas County Public Library and (new this year!) Toledo Area Parent in asking Toledoans to submit