Made Over Man

. November 8, 2017.
Photos by Kelli Miller
Photos by Kelli Miller

Designer Alexander McQueen once said: “Fashion should be a form of escapism,
and not a form of imprisonment.” Now, think about getting dressed in the morning— are you putting on your go-to outfits for an easy option, or are you expressing yourself? We took two men trapped in routine, brought them out of their shell, and let local professionals help them transform their style.
With a new cut, fresh shave and cool clothing, meet two (newly) made men.

Michal T. Hamilton


Latin Dance Instructor, Michal T. Promotions LLC and community organizer and activist with The Junction Coalition

“I have a growing appreciation for fashion. This makeover is getting me out of my comfort zone.”



Chris Reese
Barber Lounge at  V Collection &  V Couture

“Today, I’m going to give him a full beard shave. I’ll knock everything down evenly and line it up to make his beard look a little more full and shapely.” – Chris Reese


“I’m always looking for improvement in my style. I was first really inspired by watching Prince. His attire and style was on point.” – Michal T. Hamilton


“I love this French Blue. It’s a fantastic color. I’d wear this outfit to church, an award gala, or for community functions. Typically, I dress differently depending on the occasion. If I’m going to work or a meeting for my community action group, The Junction Coalition, I just wear jeans and a tee shirt. If I’m attending a church service or going out dancing,
I dress up more.” – Michal T. Hamilton

David Rainsberger II


I have a newborn daughter and a son who is almost five. I definitely don’t have as much time to get dressed now that I’m a father. I was never very interested in style and fashion, but my focus has definitely fallen off a bit since becoming a father.



“A lot of men have a hard time getting their hair washed by another guy. They don’t know how they feel about it. “ – Kevin Clay


“We’re going to give David our signature service called the Full Service, which includes a full haircut, a style, shampoo, conditioner, hot towel treatment for his face, and a nice shave based on what he’s accustomed to wearing.”
– Kevin Clay


“This is also a great look.
I feel so professional.” – DAVID RAINSBERGER II


“Sportcoats are at a different level now. The idea is to wear them a little more casually, a little sportier. Sportcoats used to be more of a work look, but they can be styled for a more fun, social outfit. Today, guys can wear them with jeans, dress pants and with a shirt and tie. Guys that doesn’t even dress up are pairing them with jeans for an everyday look.“ – Scott Bonnick