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Divorce Guide: Weighing the Pros and Cons When Your Marriage is Just Not Working

The decision to end your marriage isn’t an easy one. If you’re struggling to decide between making it work or pursuing divorce or dissolution, here are some Pros and Cons to consider. 

Gaining independence

  • You’re no longer tied to another person, meaning you can have more leeway and control of your own life.
Going through litigation

  • Obviously every divorce is different. However, if you and your partner opt for divorce instead of dissolution, there will be some difficult discussions and litigation involved that could take time, money and energy.
Happiness and peace

  • If you make it through the hardship of change, you can reach happiness and peace. Getting through the divorce is hard, but coming out on the other side, you’ll be ready for a fresh start.
Change is hard

  • Even when people are unhappy, they know what they know and sometimes that makes people want to stay put  – even if it isn’t the best situation. 
Financial freedom 

  • You are now responsible for your own finances in a way that you may not have been before. This freedom can mean you aren’t supporting a spouse, and instead are spending your hard earned money on things that you want, and need.
Financial burden

  • Hiring a lawyer, enduring litigation and splitting up assets can be a trying and expensive process. Be prepared for the financial burden that comes with going through a divorce.
Providing a good example for your kids

  • If you have minor children, it may actually be better for them, in certain situations, for the parents to split up. They will no longer have to witness an unhealthy relationship, or their parents being unhappy together and, overall, may be better for it.
Emotionally taxing on children

  • When considering a divorce, your minor children are, obviously, a major factor. Considering their emotions while working through this process is key, as the whole ordeal can be difficult for kids.

Use this space to fill in your personal pros.


Use this space to fill in your personal cons.

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