Sunday, April 14, 2024

Winter Food Wars in Toledo

Toledo will be getting a major showcase of the food ecosystem in the area with the Toledo Winter Food Wars. The contest will feature many different styles of cooking all for a $5,000 prize along with showing off the cooking to the city, the cash prize is subject to growing as mentioned on the original post for the event.

This contest looks to highlight the city’s culinary prowess, and is open to home cooks, cottage bakers, food trucks, chefs and restaurants competing for cash prizes and recognition among the best for both tourists and locals. The event’s location is still yet to be determined but will be announced on The Hungry Black Man Facebook page with more details.

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Registration to compete in the event has already closed. This will be able to showcase talent of all cooks who participate and holds significant value for the community. Local residents can try out the food and embed themselves in the competition by rooting for their favorites.

The foods that will be present at the event will range from desserts, ethnic cuisines, barbecues and even comfort foods.

To keep up with information, keep an eye on The Hungry Black Man‘s Facebook page.

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