The first cut is the deepest

. December 4, 2013.

Akira Kurosawa, maybe the most well-known of all Japanese filmmakers, is best remembered  for his samurai epics. The Seven Samurai, filmed in 1954, is the best of the bunch. When a poor village falls prey to a horde of bandits, the villagers hire seven misfit samurai (among them, a romantic youngster, a drunk, and a general who has never won a battle) to save them. This three-hour epic innovated the modern action movie as we know it, and its plot has been re-imagined in other settings and released as other films, such as The Magnificent Seven.  None of the imitations touch the brilliance of the original. The Seven Samurai might be your new favorite movie. Friday, December 6. 6pm. The Little Theater, Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St.
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