Thursday, June 20, 2024

Dinner Theater and Soul Food: Poet Ardery debuts new documentary

Get ready to “mingle, groove and feast,” said Chawone C.C. Ardery. The popular midwestern poet and entrepreneur hosts a first-time viewing of her new documentary film, The Hollow Poems Movie, on Sunday, August 7. With a focus on Ardery’s life (though she won’t provide many details on the plot), the film will be shown at Sleepy Hollow Park, with the help of Premier Screenings. “My daughter named the film . . . because we lived across from Sleepy Hollow Park for years. [The park] was also our set for four months,” explained

The film is directed by Tyrell Betts, Ardery’s BGSU classmate. Although they planned to release the film earlier, the date was pushed back due to the outbreak of COVID-19. “It is a family film, and it’s a documentary, but it’s uplifting. [We try] to make people feel better, and let people know that they can accomplish their dreams,” said Ardery.

Tickets have no cost, dinner and dessert included, with vegetarian and vegan food options available. Select artists will perform from 6-8pm, including the younger cast members featured in the film, referred to as “the Unit.” “They are all incoming TSA students,
and also some of the artists featured in the documentary [will perform.] There is a rapper, Karlos Rosi, who has a song in the film, ‘The Dream.’ The poet One Single Rose will perform and I will prob-
ably close out [the artists’ performances] with a poem of my own as well,” said Ardery.

“We will have vendors who will pass out information on things like education, and financial literacy. Our motto is, ‘at no cost,’” said Ardery. Seating will be available, but people can bring their own
lawn chairs as well.

Savanna’s Soul Kitchen
To help out with the screening of the film, a ‘Building Relationships Brunch’ fundraiser was held at The Heights on July 24, hosted by Ardery’s non profit organization, Savanna’s Soul Kitchen. The event helped to build business relationships, raise money for groceries and fund the meal giveaway at The Hollow Poems Movie opening. “We do
events called ‘Savanna’s Soul Kitchen Feast 4 All’. We held a food giveaway on Father’s Day, downtown on Madison and 17th St., and we handed out groceries,” said Ardery.

Savanna’s Soul Kitchen, a successful non-profit organization, is named after Ardery’s daughter, and features the founder’s award winning Mac and cheese. Located in the Sofia Quintero Art & Cultural Center, 1222 Broadway St., the kitchen also delivers food and
has a pantry open to anyone, with free dinners given out on holidays.

Go to Sleepy Hollow Park on Overlook Boulevard at Dorr St. for a unique dinner theater experience, to meet the featured artists and to engage in inspiring conversations. Mingling with the cast begins at 2pm, with the movie scheduled to begin at 4. Search “The Hollow Poem’s Movie” on Facebook for more information.

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