Saturday, December 3, 2022

Round THREE in the Best Summer Movie EVER Tournament has begun!

ROUND THREE VOTING is open NOW through May 25 at midnight!

The summer movie season is here! And that got us thinking— what was the all-time best summer blockbuster?

Here’s what we did:

  • We took the top grossing film from each summer since 1975, when Jaws debuted.
  • We took out all the extra sequels so each franchise would only be in there ONCE, with the FIRST movie of each series that won its summer. (We did allow the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have a few entries, but no duplicates in the same series of movies— only one Avengers.)
  • We tossed them in a random bracket generator. 
  • And now…it’s up to you!

Below you’ll find the first round bracket! Just vote for which one is the BETTER MOVIE! You can vote for each matchup ONCE per round, so make each vote count!

Round two will run now through May 19 at midnight! Vote now for your favorites!

May the best blockbuster win!

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