50 Hour Film Challenge kicks off March 6

. February 25, 2020.

Not to be outdone, the Tree City Film Festival will kick off its 50 Hour Challenge for area filmmakers. Participating teams will meet at Sylvania’s Sodbuster Bar to receive a set of elements that must make it into the final product, like a prop, a line of dialogue, a specific location, etc. Then, teams have 50 hours to write, shoot, edit and submit a complete film, to include the elements they have been given. The winning films will be screened as part of the Tree City Film Festival on Saturday, April 18. The deadline for registration is March 1.

$45 per team, $35 for a student team
6pm. Friday, March 6
The Sodbuster Bar, 5758 Main St., Ste 6, Sylvania
419-517-0118 | Sylvaniaarts.org