Write On: Three authors shed light on what it takes to get published

. June 16, 2020.
Book Feature- Write On- A Q&A with 3 American Authors

If you’ve ever felt absolutely certain that the first draft of that novel you stowed away in a filing cabinet might just be the next New York Times bestseller, you’re in good company. Most literary types have fostered the notion, hoping for the prized end goal most every writer: publication. But how does one make that happen? How can a dreamy, abstract idea become a concrete plan?

Social B. Creative and Gathering Volumes Bookstore are partnering to help answer those questions with “Write On: A Q&A with 3 American Authors,” a virtual meeting session and Q&A discussion with three writers, in different stages of their writing careers in different genres.

The business of being creative

Having writers from different backgrounds connect with other aspiring authors is on-brand for Social B. Creative. Emily Desmond, co-founder of the freelancer network, was inspired to form Social B. from her own experience as a writer. 

“I’ve been working as a freelance writer, doing public relations marketing, social media, content and strategy for about a decade,” she says (ed. note, including a stint working at the Toledo City Paper). “Off and on I’ve done it full-time, in between jobs, and I’ve taken other positions that have enticed me with benefits, working as part of a team and going into an office every day. But last October I decided I want to work for myself. I want it to be on my own terms with my own clients.”

This idea of breaking out on your own as a writer is daunting and, frankly, lonely. That’s what led Desmond and fellow Social B. co-founder, Michelle Keller, to start the writing collaborative that brings teamwork to an otherwise solitary worklife.

Write On


Melissa Warner

Write On’s purpose is to “demystify the process of becoming an author” with an opportunity to ask writers about their work-life experience, storytelling and other discussion topics.  Hosted by Crowdcast, questions will be submitted to discussion moderator Melissa Warner to lead the session.


Hannah Bunn West

Gathering Volumes owner Denise Phillips selected the featured authors: Melissa Storm, a Michigan-based New York Times bestselling author who writes women’s fiction, romance and mystery; Dyrk Ashton, the Perrysburg-based science fiction author of The Paternus Trilogy; and Hannah Bunn West, a writer from the Outer Banks of North Carolina whose first book – a work of historical fiction – will be published next year. 


Dyrk Ashton

“They come from various backgrounds and they all write in different genres,” explains Desmond, adding that this event will encourage writers regardless of where they are in their journey as creators. “Everybody has their own interpretation of what it means to be a successful author. If you’re  writing and putting your creativity out there, then you’re an author.” 


$5. 3-4pm. Sunday, June 21. Virtual event via crowdcast.io. To learn more visit Facebook.com/SocialBCreative419  or gatheringvolumes.com.