Monday, April 15, 2024

Free Live Music at Culture Clash

You won’t want to miss this in-person live music event at Culture Clash next weekend.

On Thursday, March 14, from 6 pm to 9 pm at Culture Clash, who was voted 2024 Best Record Store of Toledo, three talented artists will perform live, Advance Base, Young Moon and Dani Cotter.

The event is free to the public, but tipping the artists is strongly encouraged. 

Advance Base and Young Moon are co-headlining their Midwest & Eastern U.S. Tour. Young Moon will be performing in many of these cities for the first time. Talented artist Dani Cotter is joining the two for their Toledo show. 

Advance Base is a melancholic soft rock recording project manned by one man, singer and songwriter Owen Ashworth. Ashworth, from Chicago, uses a “two-handed arsenal of electric piano, Omnichord samplers, effect pedals and drum machines,” to create his sound. “The warm, electronic sound of Advance Base has been described as “lo-fi,” “depressed” & “weirdly uplifting,” Culture Clash wrote on the website.

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Young Moon’s Trevor Montgomery is from San Fransisco, but currently resides in New Zealand. Montgomery works as a tile setter along with making his music. Montgomery uses vintage drum machines and synths to tell “tales of love and redemption” through his music. “Even when he’s shining a light on the dark and broken parts of his past, Young Moon feels redemptive, inspiring, and full of hope,” Culture Clash wrote.

Toledo’s own, Dani Cotter will join the two musicians for their show at Culture Clash. According to Culture Clash, Cotter’s new album “midwest” is a must listen. According to Culture Clash, the album was “described as “understated, thoughtful, and a little haunting” by Karol Kaminski at” 

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