Virtual Experience: Skot Horn’s latest exhibit, People in Place, at Hudson Gallery

Toledo artist Skot Horn’s latest exhibit, People in Place, was to have been in residence at the Hudson Gallery through April 18. Obviously, circumstances have caused the planned exhibit to be closed to the public much sooner than expected.


In an effort to give art fans a glimpse of what they have been missing, the Hudson has posted images from People in Place on Flipsnack, allowing them to browse Horn’s work virtually.

“We are committed to continuing our support of the arts, creatives and the individual artists we have the privilege to represent,” the Gallery stated in a post on its Facebook page.

People in Place is a cross-section of Horn’s work inspired by images of everyday Toledo citizens captured in photographs by Horn himself. Quiet moments of everyday life are elevated into art through Horn’s touch.

“I’ve painted this series before,” Horn said in an interview with TCP earlier this year. “Painted people in cities, painted people outside, groups of people. I did that years ago. And so it’s just something that I don’t get tired of painting. I think people like looking at people…I like people watching and I think most people do.”

All the works represented in People in Place are available for purchase on the Hudson Gallery website.