Virtual Experience: New Abstract Works from Aaron Bivins at 20 North Gallery

. April 16, 2020.

Toledo artist Aaron Bivins made a name for himself with lush, impressionistic landscapes, but he’s shocking viewers with a new series of bold abstract works. 

See the paintings as part of his solo exhibit at 20 North Gallery, Around the Corner: Aaron Bivins Abstract, on view through June 27.


“My painting style is usually Impressionism. However, when I started this leap across the line of comfort into the world of Abstracts, I must admit it was rather daunting,” said Bivins in his Artist Statement. “But I reminded myself that, in order to expand my knowledge, ability and growth as an artist, I must take chances and risks and do things that aren’t easy and familiar. I am constantly pushing and evolving in an effort to show others another side of my artistic talent. Hopefully, this will cause the viewers to pause and take in the beauty, color, energy, spontaneity of this new work, along with my familiar touch and personality. So take a walk with me ‘Around the Corner’…into Abstract.” 

20 North Gallery Art Director Condessa Croninger says that Bivins’ series “marks a bold new direction for the artist…. The paintings are audacious—in scale and execution—forming adroit and contemporary statements of abstract expressionism, completely different from his well-known landscapes and jazz portraits, yet instantly recognizable as his own.” 

Explore Around the Corner: Aaron Bivins Abstract online through the online catalog and price list or by viewing this video of the exhibit installation. 

Private appointments to tour the exhibit with the gallery staff and the artist are also available through Facetime or Zoom. To set up a time for this VIP experience, call 419-241-2400 or email the gallery at