Toledo providing $5,000 grants to small businesses

The City of Toledo is hoping to provide a helping hand to some of the area’s smallest businesses with the announcement of the Emergency Microenterprise Recovery Grant Program.

Revealed on May 7, the program will award $5,000 in operating expenses to 200 small businesses in the Toledo area in an effort to facilitate their survival during the COVID-19 quarantine. Qualifying businesses will be required to have five or fewer employees.

In a press release, the City stated that the grants are being funded with Federal Community Development Block Grant money as a one-time payment. Businesses who have not been given relief assistance from the Small Business Administration will be given priority.

Given the chance that there will be a large number of applicants for the grant, the City noted that it may conduct a lottery to determine who will receive funds.

Applications will be accepted from May 11 until May 24 at midnight. For more information or to apply, visit the City of Toledo website.