Hugs From The Heart at Health Foods by Claudia

For the last thirty years, Claudia David-Roscoe, owner of Health Foods by Claudia, has hugged many customers coming in her doors. Claudia says that hugging is an important part of healing and connection. Not being able to hug her employees and community has been the biggest challenge during this crucial time of social distancing. “Our team, we hug,” says Claudia. 

The team at Health Foods by Claudia.
The team at Health Foods by Claudia.

Hugging has been integrated into Claudia’s business and community of open-hearted, health-conscious, independent thinkers. With social distancing, Claudia believes that people are truly understanding how important the powerful expression of support through a hug is. “People’s hearts are reaching out,” tells Claudia.

Claudia believes that the community should care about, honor and prioritize their health. She views health as a daily journey and believes it’s important to not wait until a crisis. “Nature’s pharmacy is a magnificent pharmacy,” says Claudia, “It’s chalked full of tools that are so beneficial for your health.”

Right now, she is witnessing people take the initial step into daily care and nourishment. “We’ve been very busy and counting our blessings,” says Claudia. 

Claudia is keeping the faith that wonderful, positive things will come from this if our community is willing to remember what we’ve felt and learned going through this crisis together. Witnessing her mother get up every single day and send prayers and blessings out into the world was a gratitude-filled experience for Claudia that echoes through her daily actions and positive attitude.  

Claudia says that her team is going to keep doing what they’ve been doing: learning, growing, and sharing. And, when the social distancing has passed, as long as there is a willing person, Claudia wants a hug.

For now, she is very grateful to be open and serving the community. 

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