CHOWLINE: Delicious Fodder

Comfort food to go

The smell of freshly-made cotton candy filled the air at Odd Fodder in Perrysburg, not an aroma we expected walking into a self-styled fast casual restaurant. The scent was the first of several delightful touches that make Odd Fodder a fun stop for hungry diners on the go.

Odd Fodder was founded by Scott Bowman, who has been in the restaurant business for over 20 years. He started Odd Fodder with an eye on creating a high-quality eatery for everyday diners. “We wanted something that was more accessible to the masses, something that everyone could come into, that would be at a price point they could afford, and would be at a price point that nobody else offers,” he said. 

Start with dessert
The restaurant’s most popular fare includes dessert. A warm display by the register is there to tempt you with brownies mixed with chocolate chip cookies. But the main attractions are milkshakes— not only straight up classics like strawberry, vanilla and peanut butter ($5 each), but specialty “Odd Shakes” like Candy Store ($9.50— comes complete with a cupcake, lollypop, gumball, cotton candy and more).

Odd Fodder’s menu has been changed and tweaked over time in response to customer input. “People like these crazy milkshakes, and we like to make chicken a lot. So we ended up, after two years now, landing on those as our two primary offerings that we have on our menu,” Bowman said.

Although dessert is showcased, diners should  not forsake the other food selections. Odd Fodder’s modest selection of food offerings (Fodderings?) tend to focus on straight-up comfort food, largely focused on chicken as the main component. 

Side effects
Dining in, we decided to try a variety of options and sides. The Famous Flat Fries ($4), wide and flat cuts of potato that straddle the line between french fries and potato chips, are topped with a delicious seasoning, imparting a delicious flavor and texture that stayed crisp for much longer than most other fries. The Flat Fries traveled well, staying crunchy even once we got back to the office.

Another side, the macaroni and cheese ($5), also earned rave reviews from our mates. Made with a mixture of fontina and cheddar cheeses, the complex flavor elevated this comfort food standard to a new level. To make the mac a full entree, order the Monster Mac ($10), with chicken and sauce mixed in.

Hot and cold
Speaking of chicken, all three of our entrees brought different preparations of clucking goodness to our plate. The surprisingly robust Crispy Chick’n Wrap ($6) comes with fried chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheddar cheese and ranch wrapped up and easy to eat. The crunch of the chicken married perfectly with the veggies, and the size of the wrap meant we had half leftover.

For adventurous diners, the Funk’U Chik’n on a Bun ($6) provided a significant amount of kick (reminiscent of Nashville Hot Chicken), with red hot spices and dill pickle on a bun. The Chik’n Chonks ($5) also brought that flavor and unique texture, with the breading providing a significant crunch.

Odd Fodder’s selection of hearty food favorites, both savory and sweet, make it a great option for area diners, and one of the best self-styled “fast casual” options around. For those pressed for time or looking for right- priced and incentives meal options, the Fodder has plenty to make your day.

“We just want to be able to create, over and over again, each month, each year, different, unique micro-experiences for guests— something fun to do with loved ones, with family, kids, grandparents, friends,” Bowman said.

26520 N. Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg.