Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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City in the City – April 2022

City at Angie Scott If you’re looking to get swimsuit ready without the gym, Angie Scott and her team have the answer for you. Adams...

Local Instagrams for You to Follow – November 2021

We're highlighting some of the area’s sharpest dressed men in honor of Toledo GQ! @djrobsample: Local DJ for the @Hollywoodcasino who takes pattern clashing to the next...

The Mother of all photo contests

Send us a picture along with 50 words, or less, telling us about the photo and why it reminds you of your mother or grandmother, that nurturing being who brought you into this world and helped you adapt to it

Toledo Activist Watch

Angry? We get it. Now do something about it. Activists in Toledo are busy. Join them. Keep an eye on this list— we’re going to...

Toledo Public Art Honoring Martin Luther King, Jr.

In 1957, Martin Luther King, Jr. said to an audience in Montgomery, Alabama one of his most profound and memorable statements: “Life's most persistent...

Office Politics: Checking out the headquarters of Toledo’s political parties

Walking into the local headquarters of a political campaign feels like being a spy— no matter which headquarters you visit or what your political...

Get down tonight

Toledo's LGBTQ community came out in droves to celebrate the opening of Legends Showclub in downtown Toledo.

Social Studies

Some snapshots of Toledoans out on the town.