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Top Docs 2024

Toledo’s Top Docs share major issues in their respective fields, give insight on what they are doing to help and explain the community importance. Frankel...

City Docs 2022

What does your doctor carry with them on a daily basis? Read some crucial advice they wish they could share with every patient. What’s something people believe about health that is completely...

Top Docs 2021

Advice and observations from Toledo’s best

Top Docs 2020

Special Advertising Section Doctor's Orders Advice from area professionals Health care workers have long been heroes, and their dedication to our community’s safety and happiness has continued...

Pour Yourself A Drink— Then Tip Adams Street Bartenders

UPDATE: To tip other area bartenders, check out the TOLEDO/SE MICHIGAN SERVICE INDUSTRY VIRTUAL TIP JAR that Gabi Kiss shared with us on Facebook. For the...

Top Docs 2019

Take the advice of these local health professionals by asking, “What’s up, doc?”

Top Docs and Wellness Champs

As the story goes, an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but these health and wellness professionals offer more for their patients. Want to get in tip top shape? Listen to the advice of these pros.


Health care is one of those industries everybody eventually needs, but how do you choose who is right for you? Certainly, most of the...

Checking up with Top Docs & Wellness Champions

Area health and wellness pros share their knowledge and offer advice.

Top Docs 2015

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but who wants to avoid these Glass City charmers

Top Docs

Caring champions 2013