Tia and Tio movie night

Nothing says summer in the city like an outdoor movie night with snow cones, tacos and popcorn! The Sofia Quintero Art and Cultural Center is showing Selena in Nana’s Garden for a Tacos with Tia and Tio Movie Night complete with performances of Selena’s music from Yvonne Ramos-Ybarra of Yvonne y Fuego. 8-11pm | Friday,

Toledo Museum of Art Presents Car Culture Films

Cars are a central part of the American — and, especially, the Midwestern — experience. Through Life is a Highway and Find One in Every Car, the TMA is spending this summer celebrating and examining that pivotal role in our art, culture, and imagination. These films show cars as a means, through adversity and disillusionment,

Radical Reality

Contemporary artist Chip Lord, co-founder of the American multimedia collective Ant Farm, will present two self-produced videos, Motorist (1989) and Valley of the Sun (2018) at TMA.

“Mary Poppins Returns” Screens at Promenade Park

Does a spoonful of sugar really make the medicine go down? Maybe. It’s hard for us to imagine dry-swallowing that granular texture without choking, but we aren’t here to call BS on the sweetness of Mary Poppins— we’re too excited about her comeback in the 2018 film Mary Poppins Returns. See the magical nanny return

Toledo introduces Lebowski Fest

Lebowski fans rejoice! Toledo is home to its very own Lebowski Fest, this year at the Ottawa Tavern. Spend the evening sipping on White Russians over a game of table-top bowling that’s almost a good as the real thing. The Buzz Anderson Project and the Store High In Transit will play hits from the Big

Finding Augusta Chiwy

Searching for Augusta: The Forgotten Angel of Bastogne tells the story of the black Belgian nurse whose heroism has, sadly, gone undocumented for far too long.