57th Ann Arbor Film Festival

Pairing down over 3,000 submissions from over 65 countries, the Ann Arbor 57th Film Festival will showcase over 100 Short Films and 10 Full-Length Features in just six short days. Titles include: Last Days of Chinatown, Nicole Macdonald; My Friend the Polish Girl, Ewa Banaszkiewicz and Mateusz Dymek; and Caballerango, Juan Pablo González. Each work

“The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach” Screening

The Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, a musical and 1968 art house film, imagines the life of real-life musical duo Johann and Anna Bach. The narrative follows the hip and happening music scene of 18th Century Leipzig, Germany establishing itself in the Bach home, the couple’s dynamics and the career of Johann Bach. Shot in

Fridays on Film: “Persona”

Ingmar Bergman’s 1966 masterpiece Persona transposes the lives of two women, Alma and Elisabet onto each other as the pair become utterly indistinguishable— both physically and mentally. Shot on the remote island of Faro (home to Bergman) in black and white, Persona amazed and baffled critics alike, becoming one of the most analyzed and talked

Sound of Silents Screening of “7th Heaven”

In this Sound of Silents feature brought to you by the Toledo Museum of Art, 7th Heaven (1927), a street cleaner and a woman, whose life he saved, fall for each other in a romantic drama deftly performed without sound. Let Director Frank Borzage’s Academy Award-nominated film (one of the first ever nominated for best

Hang Out with William Shatner While Watching “Star Trek”

See a screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, and don’t forget to yell, “Khan!” as loud as you can during that iconic scene. You’ll want to show that you are a true fan, because William Shatner will be there! He’ll share funny accounts of what happened behind the scenes as only Captain

CommUNITY Film Fest Premier

Now in its fifth year, the CommUNITY Film Fest Premier Event is comprised of a lineup of 13 films— three in a professional category through the festival’s new partnership with Film Toledo. Though there have been changes over the years, the event has always been about celebrating the roles of people with disabilities, along with

Toledo Jewish Film Club Screens Bollywood History

The Toledo Jewish Film Club presents a documentary with a most unexpected story surrounding Bollywood history. Shalom Bollywood: The Untold Story of Indian Cinema reveals a 2,000 year old Indian Jewish community’s incredible influence on the film community. Including stars like Ruby Myers and many other early Bollywood actresses, it explores how Indian Jewish women

African American Film Fest Continues

Following their first showing (Academy Award best picture winner Moonlight), the University of Toledo African American Film Festival continues with Get Out and Pariah. Jordan Peele’s Get Out is a horror film that might best be described as The Stepford Wives meets Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, an original concept that earned it four Oscars.

“Black is the Color” Screening

The Toledo Museum’s Art House Film and Teen Night event will show Black is the Color, a documentary about African American artists and what they’ve overcome to have their work recognized and exhibited in art galleries. It includes an exploration of the history of changes within the art world, including milestone moments by black artists

Chat with John Cusack February 8

In the box office smash, Grosse Pointe Blank, featuring John Cusack, Minnie Driver, Alan Arkin and Dan Aykroyd, Cusack plays a hitman sent to assassinate a target in Metro Detroit while attending his 10-year high school reunion. The Michigan-made crime comedy, today a cult classic, will screen during a special visit with Cusack. The legendary