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Multicultural Twilight Market Highlights 60+ Small Businesses

On August 6, a fresh revamp will be brought to your usual farmers’ market. The Multicultural Twilight Market will be hosted from 6-10 pm...

HerHub celebrates Black Women-owned businesses with Art, Food and Soul

Celebrate some of the Glass City’s Black women entrepreneurs at 419HerHub’s upcoming Art, Food and Soul event on Thursday, February 25.
Culture Clash owner Tim Friedman is promoting community in the time of COVID.

Spinning The Black Circle: Culture Clash Curates encourages community

Culture Clash Records has come up with a subscription program that gives music fans the albums they didn’t know they needed.

The REAL Black Friday

Get out on the biggest shopping day of the year and support some amazing local businesses at Bethlehem Baptist Church on November 29. Experience...

Toledo In Black And White: The Mayor’s New Agenda

The agenda, Wade’s Big Ideas and the nagging background necessities, must all take a backseat. The most inscrutable of America’s problems has reared its ugly, bitter head, and Wade must take it on immediately lest it consume his mayorship. Racism.

Celebrating Black History Month – impactful Locals look back at influential Toledoans

We celebrate Toledo’s Black history by taking a look back at some of the many influencial Toledoans who fought for civil rights through the eyes of contemporary influencers.