Scott Hocking Documents What We Leave Behind

“Finding the beauty in everything” isn’t a cliche that Detroit-based artist Scott Hocking concerns himself with. Not everything is beautiful, and, most importantly, beauty isn’t everything. Instead, Hocking cares about impact and evidence, asking: what do the things we leave behind say about us? In his photo series Shipwrecks, Hocking documents the surprising “preponderance of

Andrew Ellis Presents Solo Exhibition

Andrew Ellis has made a name for himself locally, and internationally, as a bluesy singer-songwriter, but did you know the musician has other creative talents? Two years ago, Ellis began a serious art practice, exploring a variety of styles, saying: “I did not approach this casually. I spent every day studying… almost every medium that

dirtykics Showcases New Photographs at Gathered Glassblowing Studio

Scroll through the Instagram of local photographer dirtykics, aka James Dickerson, and you’ll see something familiar— Toledo, presented unflinching, honest and raw. Shot and printed using traditional analog film techniques, dirtykics will present a new collection of photographs showcasing his interactions with others from the city during Nothing to Lose, on view September 18-October 12

Robert Zollweg Hosts Artist Talk

Experimental master glass artist Robert Zollweg has been named the 45th guest of the Pavilion Project as an artist in residence at the Toledo Museum of Art. Zollweg, who previously held the role of designer and creative director at Libbey Glass, will explore the sand casting method, also known as glass casting, of custom glass

Manon VanScoder’s “But The Sun’s Been Quite Kind”

Through analog photography and digital compositing, mixed with a thought-provoking use of found objects, Toledo artist Manon VanScoder has created a catalog showcasing where memory can take us in making sense of the patchwork pieces of our lives. Her work, But The Sun’s Been Quite Kind— is now on display at Gathered Glassblowing Studio in

Performance Art Duo, Princess

It’s hard to put the performance art duo Princess into a box. A little bit pop, rock, rap, and psychedelic, the masterminds behind Princess— Alexis Gideon and Michael O’Neill— have created a critique of toxic masculinity and embrace of gender fluidity with Out There, a video collaboration that will premiere in Toledo. The Andy Warhol

Sick With Excitement

This exhibit presented by River House Arts displays the work of Bill Ross, whose strange, colorful, and sometimes unsettling world first began to take shape during his art school days when he began doodling in a sketchbook. Sick with Excitement takes shows audiences those sketches spanning back to 1989 and how his art has unfolded

Collaborative coloring book

Join Preserve! Toledo to get involved in the Young Ohio Preservationists’ collaborative coloring book, a chance for artists of all ages to let their creative side shine and to learn about the value of preserving historic buildings in our community. The coloring book will be filled with historic buildings, restored with historic tax credits, which

Handlettering Workshop

Kim Collins will be teaching a beginner’s workshop on hand lettering using an approach she calls “fauxlligraphy.” Essentially, it’s taking your own signature style of writing in cursive and adding elements of traditional calligraphy to it, which results in a unique flair. Your handwriting will stand out and look amazing after taking this workshop. Supplies

Levis Commons Art Fair

With over 130 artists’ work on display, you’ll find jewelry, ceramics, photography and many other mediums to explore and purchase. It’s a nice way to spend your day shopping and dining at the area restaurants. 10am-7pm Saturday, August 17 11am-5pm Sunday, August 18 The Town Center at Levis Commons, 3201 Levis Commons Blvd., Perrysburg 734-662-3382