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The Stars Speak: August 2023

Breathe the sweetness that hovers in August. – Denise Levertov

*At the start of the month our affirmations should be aligned with our thoughts and inner feelings. It’s time to put our minds to work, focus on our creativity, goals and ambitions. Pay attention to your instincts! 



Aries sign

(March 20 – April 19) – Your personal relationships, new or existing may shift a bit as Venus retrogrades your area of love.  This may not be the best time to bring in a new love interest as Venus retrograde can confuse situations, perhaps even clouding your judgment calls. Also, be aware of speculation of any kind, as this transit could be unpredictable. For example, feast or famine? Also, with Mercury moving retrograde in your area of health on Aug. 23, paying better attention to your body’s signal can prevent ongoing issues. 


Taurus sign

(April 20 – May 20) – You may have a sudden need or desire to move, or change your home environment at this time, as you find yourself questioning, when and how? Best to wait until after Sept. 4 to initiate any major shifts, though planning at this time, is definitely in the cards. Also, family matters or stress may heighten at this time, best to have a plan of action, taking each day in stride. 


Gemini sign

(May 21- June 20) – As always, most Gemini’s have their best face on, in any given situation. Though at this time, you may not always find the words to portray your intent. So be well aware of delivery, even more so after your ruling planet moves retrograde on the 23rd. Words spoken, without clear thought, can be detrimental. Also, a need to travel, or to undertake a new venture may be in the plans, though it’s better to plan accordingly before jumping into uncharted waters. 



Cancer sign

(June 21 – July 20) – As cautious as you are at this particular stage of your life, you may be a bit more carefree where money is concerned. Therefore, think before making any major financial moves. In addition, your sense of security may feel a bit off, causing you to retreat inward, so be aware of aspects triggering underlying anxiety that may not readily surface. Pay attention to your instincts. Trust your gut. Perception plays a key role. 



Leo sign

(July 22 – Aug 22) – Setting healthy limits with yourself, as well as with how others may be perceiving you, can be in your favor this month as Venus continues to retrograde in your own sign.  Healthy boundaries, whether romantic or with family and friends, can shift your outlook allowing for a better, long term future. As Venus moves directly on Sept. 4, make the changes needed to insure a more prosperous outcome. 



Virgo sign

(Aug 23- Sept 22) – This Venus retrograde, along with Mercury, can be a reminder that it’s time to relinquish old patterns. Moving ahead, furthering yourself into a better mindset can be favorable in the long run. Self-defeating old patterns need to be cleared out, allowing better thought patterns to emerge. This is the time where you take the bull by the horns, and become more proactive in your personal endeavors.  


Libra sign

(Sept 23- Oct 22) – Time to reevaluate relationships through work or play as Venus taps into your area of groups. In addition, new alliances may be up for scrutiny as well. This is a period in which you begin to look at those around you from a completely different angle. Taking in stride your ability to balance is key. The need to forge ahead, can help to establish a better outcome.  



Scorpio sign

(Oct 23- Nov 21) – Your career or job trajectory is noted at this time as Venus retrogrades your area of work and recognition. It’s time to reexamine your own role in how you handle everyday situations. It’s time to realign yourself with goals and ambitions, asking yourself whether or not this is where you choose to be. However, this month is not the best time to make changes, but a very good cycle in which to re-examine your long-term goals. 


Sagittarius sign

(Nov 22- Dec 20)-. As Venus retrogrades your area of awareness, you may find yourself more astute than ever. This transit triggers your own house placement, allowing you to feel at home as you delve into a higher path of thought. This is a time where you review personal endeavors, career as well as matters of the heart. Taking in stride, other planetary placements, it’s a good time to remain objective while pacing yourself. 



Capricorn sign

(Dec 21- Jan 19) – You may find yourself gearing up for some major financial moves, though when planets move retrograde, it’s better to stick to careful planning or thought before jumping in. In addition, the emphasis this month is on your own sense of security, as you reflect on your own needs and desires. Better to play it safe than sorry. 


Aquarius sign

(Jan 20- Feb 18)- So much activity taking place in your area of partnerships, work or personal relationships, existing or new. You may find yourself questioning every single move you make, as your thoughts and emotions are working overtime. If you’re in a healthy relationship, your partner may also be experiencing changes as well. So pay attention. Pick your battles. Work from the inside out.



Pisces sign

(Feb 19 – March 19) – This month speaks to your area of self-sacrifice and personal health. Giving of yourself is a standard part of a Pisces personality, however there comes a time when you need to set healthy limits. And that time is now.  Putting yourself first is a must, taking time to reset your goals, and maintaining your sense of self an important factor to consider. 



(July 21 – Aug 22) – Happy Birthday Leo!  Ruled by the Sun, Leos have an extraordinary sense of who they are. Normally, the vivaciousness and flamboyance of the Leo Sun is all about moving ahead and getting the job done. Whereas now that Venus, the planet of love and money has retrograded in the sign of Leo, those born under this aspect may feel a bit off where personal relationships and/or money matters are concerned. Depending on where the placement occurs, will determine its importance. Sometimes, a retrograde may force us to reexamine what we choose to hide, or not focus on. Think about it! 


The SUN sign in astrology signifies the core essence of who we are – it is our individuality, our primal center, why we are motivated and what makes us tick. It is the prime focal point within our personality, more importantly it’s what drives us. Leo symbolizes the warmth and/or creative energy of the SUN which is ruled by LEO. On entering the sign of LEO from July 21 through August 20, the SUN illuminates a cosmic magnificence, a majestic self-proclaimed feel. Time to just sit back and enjoy the heat.


Let loose, be yourself, have fun with friends. Do something quite extraordinary! This week’s Full Moon on Aug. 1 will be in the friendly, independent, unpredictable sign of Aquarius. A Full Moon phase tends to bring a swelling up of emotions, apathy and excitement. In this case, with the sign of Aquarius (air element), it may be easy to get lost in the thinking process about emotions rather than gliding through the feelings. Also, this week’s Full Moon in unconventional, humanity-seeking Aquarius will help us step forward with faith and conviction. It will help us to see how to get our act together in order to increase our confidence in ourselves, beliefs and future attainment. A great week to mingle, get reconnected with friendships and sever ties that need to be broken, or perhaps to strengthen ties that you feel bonded towards. 


What stirs your heart? What are you attracting in your life? As the Sun and Moon conjunct we find ourselves wanting to share. To bring forth. The New Moon in the vivacious, fiery sign of Leo brings to our attention a burst of creativity, along with a unique vibrancy of its own. During the time of the New Moon, we set aside a new intention, as the theme and attention are drawn to unconditional love, self-expression and individualism. For those born under Sagittarius, Leo, Libra and Aries, this can be a time to rejoice in the magic of this incredible New Moon.  For others, based on your time of birth, the New Moon will influence your birth chart, based on time of birth.  


Venus represents values, relationship needs, beauty, romance, desires and how we attract love. Every two years Venus moves retrograde, bringing to light the opportunity to review these things. She brings back old desires, attitudes, relationship issues that need to be addressed, and a different look at our own value system, when she moves retrograde. Problems and difficulties that were unresolved will be brought back up for a reexamination. This is an excellent time to examine the unfulfilled desires, hurt feelings and misunderstandings of a past relationship. For many, be prepared to re-experience old wounds, so you can free yourself from painful sufferings. It is a time to reconfigure your current relationship desires and expectations. Understanding Venus retrograde energy is a must as it can force-feed much needed change as well as resolution. 


Since Saturn rules business and commerce, when in retrograde, economic issues may shift allowing us to look at matters from a different angle. Hopefully for the better as we seek a sense of understanding. Since it is transiting in Pisces, sensitive matters come to light regarding hidden agendas, issues that need clarity and more. Where it is placed in your birth chart can determine its influence. Those born under Virgo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Capricorn may feel its influence more so than most.  


When Mercury goes retrograde, it appears to go backwards in the sky. Physically speaking, this is an optical illusion because we’re observing it from Earth’s perspective, but astrologically it is very significant. Any retrograde planet’s energy becomes much more internalized, more intense and harder to express outwardly in a way that is direct and clear. Since Mercury is the planet of communication and mental thought, confusion and miscommunication are factored in. Just when you thought you had things figured out, along comes Mercury retrograde to spin your head around and cause you to question yourself.  When in Virgo, a tendency to overthink and/or over-analyze is a strong indicator of this transit.  


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