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The Stars Speak: Astrology July 2023

“Thinking back to when it’s warm outside. Oh, why couldn’t Christmas be in July?” – Haley Mary Artzab.

Welcome summer! 

The month of July takes us to the heart of summer. It asks us to balance ourselves between passion and logic, heart and soul. Balancing the heat of the sun as well as the intensity that takes place within ourselves. The month starts off pretty good, though with Venus, the planet of love turning retrograde and matters of heart and money, hit the brakes. Time to slow it down. Pull back. Reset. 

Happy birthday, America!

Celebrate Independence Day with the chart of the United States of America. Our great country America was born July 4, 1776 at approximately 2-4:30pm in Philadelphia, PA, under the sensitive, moon-ruled sign of Cancer, with the moon in the humanity sign of Aquarius. Its Cancer influences indicate that we’re a “mothering/nurturing” country, always willing to adopt and take care of everyone else. Its moon in Aquarius is about humanity and justice for all. 

Full moon – July 3, in Capricorn, faces the sun in Cancer.

Both signs are associated with security, yet they seek it in different ways. Capricorn is concerned with accomplishments and external status while Cancer wants us to tune into our feelings in search of comfort and safety. It’s not a matter of choosing to be hard or soft, sensitive or insensitive; this full moon is about learning how to be tough or tender depending on the circumstances. When the lesson is learned, we feel at home within ourselves and within the world around us. When the full moon is in Capricorn it works even harder to finish what was started. You’ll ask yourself what you obtained, what you have yet to achieve, and what you need to adjust to make things happen. A Capricorn full moon is all about success and never taking “no” for an answer. So, this is the time when you’ll get to the finish line because this moon will help you tackle any obstacles you face along the way

Sun moves into fiery Leo on July 22.

The sun sign is the most obvious part of a person’s awareness of astrology. It is the obvious part of the self, the conscious side of us. It is the behavior we are most comfortable with, the everyday self: what most people know without a doubt. It is also (usually) the most obvious part of the personality. But it is also just a part of who you really are. As the sun moves into Leo, ruled by the sun, it takes on a radiance. It illuminates.

Venus, planet of love, moves retrograde in Leo, July 23 – September 4.

You’ve heard of Mercury in retrograde, but are you ready for the only Venus retrograde in Leo? In astrology, Venus is the planet of love, values, finances and our desires. It can oftentimes speak to our love language and aesthetic, too. When this romantically inclined planet takes a backspin and stations retrograde, we are in for a period of time that is similar to Mercury retrograde, but the focus is on our closest relationships. Past lovers, exes, and people from our past can crop up seemingly out of nowhere. Themes and conversations that we’ve been putting off with our closest romantic partners, family members, friends or co-workers will be hard to ignore. 

Pluto, planet of the underworld, retrogrades back into Capricorn. 

It will retrace its steps into Capricorn until January 22, 2024. This can be quite a testing period, as Pluto in Capricorn in opposition to the transiting sun can be difficult. Small but mighty. Though it will harmonize with transiting Saturn and Neptune, the impact will remain, economically more than anything else. We may see a revision of our future, as the tug of influences may outweigh the logic. 



Cautious as you are with money, this retrograde can be turning up the heart where impulse spending is concerned. Not the greatest time to make large purchases or indulge in something totally out of your wheelhouse. Putting things on hold for a while would suit you best. Rethink before taking on too much. In addition, as Pluto opposes you, your area of partnerships becomes the main focus. The opposition of this transit can render you vulnerable to emotions as well as actions. You may be asking yourself whether to push back or give in. You may see yourself caught between a rock and a hard place. It’s a toss-up, though much depends on circumstances involved. 

LEO (July 22 – August 22)

Venus in retrograde this month in your own sign can be one of great interest and it forces you to look at yourself from the inside out. Having to take more stock into everyday affairs, mainly relationships, new or existing. Taking a personal inventory can be in your best interest. In addition, you may have more of a critical outlook in how you view others. Also, with Pluto’s retrograde hitting your area of responsibilities, you may be more inclined to take on more than you bargained for. Though being aware of boundaries is essential, taking on what you need for yourself, health and fitness being the key, is all that counts. Self-preservation. 

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

With Venus traveling through the sacred part of your chart, emotionally and mentally, nostalgia kicks in. This can be a period of sentiment, as thoughts of the past are rekindled. In addition, former partners and/or friendships may emerge from the ethers. Unexpected trials and tribulations can develop. Also, you may be tempted to take on more than you should where money matters occur. In addition, with Pluto now transiting your area of love and speculation, you may start to focus on joy. Simple pleasure and self-gratification, allowing yourself to breathe. Forcing you out of your cocoon. 

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

With ruling planet Venus retrograding in Leo triggering friendships, your connections to others could sway in different directions. For most Libras, keeping it steady is the key. However, during this transit, your observations become more critical as you seem more aware and alerted to your own needs and wants. This could be the best time to pay attention to your instincts. Also, as Pluto retrogrades your home, family and friends become more so of a safety net. Looking for validation, or any kind of reassurance is key. A good time for allowing yourself to nestle in and enjoy your space. 

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Keeping it real where career matters flourish is a matter of importance as your main goal is achievement. However, Venus’s transit in retrograde can be unpredictable if not chaotic. On one level you find yourself spinning your wheels, tackling even the most difficult projects. On the flip side, you’ve run out of gas and are moving at a much slower pace. Where you land is in your hands. Moreover, as your ruler Pluto is now in retrograde, the words you say speak volumes. Your energy speaks for itself, though at this time with Pluto in retrograde, having to revisit old wounds, and reassess your thoughts, taking more of an authentic approach can be healing in itself. 

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 20)

As Venus in retrograde tackles your area of higher consciousness, your mindset resides deeply in your inner thoughts. Getting caught up in your head, introspection, delving into your purpose, is in your wheelhouse. Taking time out, and just allowing yourself to be, going with the flow can be best. Also, taking the time to regain your financial stance is important at this time. With Pluto in retrograde of your money house, it’s all about taking a few steps back and regaining your sense of security. 

CAPRICORN (December 21 – January 19)

It would be most beneficial during this period to use caution where finances or investments are concerned. It’s not the best time for large purchases or to tackle any major projects. This is a period where rational thought is in conflict with emotional cloudiness. So, step back and reexamine your steps. Also, with Pluto moving back into your own sign, it’s all about having to reflect on the person you were when this transit occurred 15 years ago. Turning inward and regaining your steps is a feat in itself. 

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)

Time to hit the brakes as relationships through work or play may need to be streamlined while the planet of love retrogrades in your area of connections. Those around you may feel a bit touchy and could take criticism very seriously. So, it’s best to avoid confrontation. Though with the planets in your favor, a sense of buoyancy and complete cooperation is in store as you glide through. Pluto in retrograde of your subconscious allows you to tap into your intuition, diving into the deepest parts of your mind, on more of a solitary inner journey. It’s all about letting go and moving ahead. 

PISCES (February 19 – March 19)

It’s a make it or break it time where health and personal attainment are concerned. As the focus is placed on fitness, this can be a good time for you to take stock of your personal goals. The desire to get moving in the right direction is strong, yet the slowing down of Venus in retrograde could have other things in mind. So, stay on track, no matter what. With Pluto transiting in retrograde, your area of social connections, you may be seeking out more of a community of support. This can be an interesting transit as it allows you to emerge and become more involved. 

ARIES (March 20 – April 19)

Protect your heart with armor as Venus, the vixen of love, retrogrades in your 5th house of romance. In addition, if chance taking, be cautious. Not the best time to take on “an exciting new venture”. Play it safe until September. Don’t fall prey to impulse. In addition to all of this, Pluto in retrograde, transiting the zenith part of your chart, beckons you to take stock of your sense of order. Embracing your leadership abilities. Believing in your own power and carving out any trace of insecurity. It’s all about gaining insight into yourself and turning it outward. 

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Your personal space may be in a pickle this month with Venus retrograding your inner sanctuary. Symbolically, it can also relate to personal emotional clutter as emotions can get caught up in an upheaval and family pressures mount. So, what to do? Paying better attention to the signals and stepping back before making judgment calls or assumptions is your best option. Also, with Pluto in retrograde, in sync with your own sign, tap into your higher consciousness. Readjusting and reshaping how you view the world as well as yourself is key. Digging deep into your psyche and shifting your thoughts in a more productive manner can help you progress further.  

GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

A strong communicator at heart, always there for a good laugh, Venus’s transit in retrograde taking place in your area of communication could tone it down a bit. Specifically, what you need to say, and how to go about delivering your message can create mixed messages. So, digest your words carefully. Also, this is not the best time for travel, though if you’re in need of getting away, or work matters prevail, be on alert. Pluto retrograding your eighth house of possessions can trigger compulsive financial behavior. Untangling the knots and working through the finer details can take you way ahead of your game plan. 

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