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Astrology December 2023

Mantra for the month – Generosity towards others, brings light and happiness into our own lives.

The Holiday season, and the magic of Christmas is symbolized as the Winter Solstice begins on December 22, and the Sun commences in the earthy, Saturn ruled sign of Capricorn.  This period marks both an ending as well as a beginning as we welcome 2024.

Happy Birthday Sag! ENJOY! ENTERTAIN!  We are coming into that magical time of the year. The Holiday Season. This particular time of the year emphasizes the changes that are taking place within ourselves as well as within the globe. With Venus in the picture, in sync with your own sign, we can expect to see our heart opening up. Passion is evoked through art, music, matters of the heart awaken..  The year ahead holds promise for you, as the this year has been quite intense.  Time to feel renewed, restored and more in balance. 


DEC 5, 2023 – VENUS, THE GODDESS OF LOVE AND MONEY – MOVES INTO SCORPIO – TIME TO FACE OFF – The truth and only the Truth – Venus in Scorpio is all about unearthing, bringing fantasy to reality – shedding light on matters that need to be addressed. Although it can be painful, it is what it is. However during this holiday month with Venus, the planet of love, in Scorpio we may mind our manners, and not dip into our resources as much as our relationship with money seems healthier, yet not as careless. Though born under Scorpio, Leo, Taurus and Aquarius may begin to get a sense of what intensity is all about.

DEC 12, 2023 – NEW MOON IN SAGITTARIUS – AS THE NEW MOON PLANTS ITS SEED – THE COSMOS IS WAITING TO TEND TO IT. SET YOUR GOALS – HAVE A VISION. The New Moon begins a new cycle of growth and renewal as it prepares us for 2024. Set your intentions,  manifest your goals and ambitions. This is one of those times when Astrology comes in like a force breathing life into anything it touches. It allows us to communicate effectively, allowing us to delegate and plan for the holidays.

DEC 13, 2023 – MERCURY, THE PLANET OF REASON, TURNS RETROGRADE – Decisions, Decisions, what to do?  When Mercury, the planet of chat moves into a retrograde motion, communication is at a standstill. Time to rethink, rehash, and reorganize our thoughts. Retrograding in the philosophical sign of Sagittarius, causes us to reevaluate our inner psyche. This can relate to religious beliefs, or even stressing the need to step out of our inner globe, venturing outward. It can be a very intense period for most. Though for Sagittarius, Gemini’s, Pisces and Virgo, it stands to reason that this aspect will impact.

DEC 25, 2023 – MERRY CHRISTMAS! An active day to say the least as transiting Mars, and Mercury retrograde conjunct in the free-spirited sign of Sagittarius. Its opposition to the Moon in Gemini will make for a busy, chatty, jovial time, for all. For most of us, the spirit of Christmas is within us. Ask yourself, what are you thankful for? A good, fun, very energetic day to mingle. Happy Holiday!

DEC 27, 2023 – FULL MOON IN CANCER – WORK FROM WITHIN – Much like the Moon, the sign of Cancer is sensitive and emotional – nurturing and feeling. In the dance between the Sun and Moon, this particular Full Moon is a potent one in that it is in its ruler ship of Cancer. Therefore those born under Cancer, Capricorn, Aries and Libra are very much affected. So when the Full Moon in Cancer occurs, it is  time to delve into the realm of deep set consciousness and open the door to the inner child within.

DEC 31, 2023 -JUPITER, THE HAPPY PLANET, MOVES DIRECT, Astrologically speaking, Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and chance now in the Venus-ruled sign of Taurus, brings sentiment and emotion to everyday life. For most, transiting Jupiter in Taurus allows us to tap into our emotions, to give and receive love on a much higher deeper, emotional plane. Traveling in a 12 year cycle, its last occurrence was in 2011. For many this will be a significant period as we may begin to see a complete positive shift in ourselves, relating to others in a more kinder fashion; using our hearts instead of our words.


HIGHLIGHTING Sagittarius – (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

The year ahead Sag, is your time, getting yourself back on track where health and responsibilities are concerned. Jupiter, your ruler, transiting your area of health focuses on better eating habits, starting a new health regime, weight loss or weight gain. In addition, many of you will experience out of the blue changes in self-perception, and personal goals with Mercury in retrograde of your own sign. Some of these may have been paths that went nowhere, others may have led you to where you are today, helping you to get in touch with the more spiritual side of your nature.

Aries – (March 21 – April 20)

Most Aries are blessed with tremendous good fortune; they are charming, capricious as well as decadent and didactic. They are motivated, and strive only for the best! Last year you would have experienced your personal shortcomings  and had to come to terms with the truth about yourself, either bad or good. The year ahead, 2024, is all about making it right, turning the tables, becoming more astute with finances and feeling more settled in life. Jupiter, moving direct at the end of the month, says “it’s time to stabilize.” Though on the flip side, Mercury retrograde brings to light a need to reexamine your inner psyche. Paying better attention to instincts.

Taurus – (April 21 – May 21)

Venus, your ruling planet, in your area of partners, has been giving you some steering directions for awhile, moving into Scorpio December 5, may continue to do so. However with Jupiter moving direct in your own sign on December 31, in opposition, the focus is on the cementing of a contract, relationship or a business partnership, taking a bit of extra work. Exhausting to say the least, so try to build up momentum while continuing to stay on course. Also, part of your love language is finances, so allow this period to work with you. Common sense is key, with Mercury retrograding your money house. Cautious, if not very careful.

Gemini – (May 22 – June 21)

Jupiter, retrograde, moving direct at the end of the month, in that sacred hidden part of your chart, highlights your keen intuition, your base of knowledge, your circle of friends and your inner thoughts. This particular transit can lead to greater psychic ability and/or confusion, as well as a plethora of ideas and imagination. In addition, Mercury retrograde in your house of partners, can be a force to reckon with. With that said, knowledge is key, so think before reacting to petty annoyances.

Cancer – (June 22 – July 23)

Jupiter’s continued movement in sync with your own sign offers a platform of opportunity. During which you will experience great flashes of knowing, greater insight, and understanding, as instinctual matters suddenly click in. Also, Mercury in retrograde, along with transiting Mars in your area of health cautions overdoing it. Excess is not always best. Nonetheless, this holiday month opens the way to luck & gain. It’s yours for the asking. Move with it. And be well aware that you really are in control.

Leo – (July 24 – Aug 23)

As Jupiter the planet of luck, in retrograde continues to transit your mid-heaven, changes in the workplace should occur, or may have already taken place. So with that said, not only has your sense of identity shifted but  your work/job situation may have fluctuated.  Either way, it’s clearly about you taking a step forward. Your career has been part of your identity, and for the next year or so you  will most likely feel a need to reinvent yourself. Therefore, it is essential to put your ambition and career aspirations into perspective, as well as getting yourself spiritually attuned. Finding your passion is the next step. Along with that, Mars and Mercury retrograding in sync to your own sign, can even things out, though nonetheless, be aware of mixed messages.

Virgo – (Aug 24 – Sept 23)

The vast majority of Virgo’s have gone through a period where they had to relinquish the past in lieu of personal growth, and often this means the loss of old friends who perhaps no longer fit, or even family members who have created too much hurt to hold on to. This year, 2023, has been a period of renewed spiritual understanding, deeper insight, humanity and yourself. Now, as Jupiter continues its transit, into your area of higher awareness, you may also “feel” a strong need to venture out of your comfort zone. Possibly through travel, or just stepping out of your inner sanctuary. This is clearly a period of awakening. It’s yours for the asking. Challenges on the home front are definitely a trigger, so be aware of words as well as actions with Mercury retrograding your inner sanctuary.

Libra – (Sept 24 – Oct 23)

The theme this month is about your financial well being, as well as working through the minor details of life. It’s also about taking the time to get yourself more situated. This can be a lucky cycle, or merely a time to get things back on track. Either way, it can be beneficial if done correctly.  In addition to all of this, friendships may flourish, spirituality reenters your life. Cosmic guidance allows you to become more attuned. The upcoming year, it’s all about taking on a different role as greater things begin to happen. Mercury in your area of chat can be a trigger for compulsion. Be alert as well as capable.

Scorpio – (Oct 24 – Nov 22)

With Jupiter moving direct in your 7th house of marriage and partnerships, you may find yourself back on a steady path. During this cycle, positive occurrences happen, such as an engagement, a long awaited contract or a much desired business partnership that finally comes to fruition. As with anything else,paying attention to details is key as Mercury retrogrades. Best to be self-aware and manifest the positive side of this aspect. Time to rethink your own actions. It’s about taking a personal inventory, and allowing yourself to make the necessary changes needed

Capricorn – (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

The good side of the current aspects have been about personal awareness, a stronger connection forged between the mind and the soul, a heightened intuition, though questioning your insight as well. In addition to all of this, with Jupiter in your 5th house, matters of the heart are indicated as you see yourself more open and receptive, yet still a bit wary. A good strong year for you to focus on your own goals and needs. Learning to let go and let live. The year ahead, 2024 should play out as an interesting, fruitful year.

Aquarius – (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

Jupiter, continuing in your area of home, provides an open door for remodeling, selling or purchasing. Time to step it up a bit. Also, changes within your inner foundation can be beneficial as well as you free yourself from emotional ties that have left you deep-rooted in your past. Your stress with work as well as friendships may be ever-present, but this year you may find yourself less encumbered. A good year ahead to take charge, reinforce your sense of self. Also March through July 2024, very rewarding.

Pisces – (Feb 20 – March 20)

Jupiter moving direct is beneficial in that it holds opportunities, opening up the senses as well. The last few years were not easy, as focus was placed on money and sacrifice, however this upcoming year will allow you to gain new skills while also becoming hopefully debt free if not,very lucky. Also, this time will provide a powerful deeper-rooted sense of your spirituality and a pathway to following your bliss. An advantageous cycle for love to bloom, as well as career opportunities. Implementation is possible after Jan 2024.

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