The Mix: Bringing Brightness and Dancing into Your Home

. May 14, 2020.
Groove a unique live-streamed DJ set by Scotty Boombox during The Mix on Friday, May 15. Photo courtesy of @scottyboombox.
Groove a unique live-streamed DJ set by Scotty Boombox during The Mix on Friday, May 15. Photo courtesy of @scottyboombox.

Video games, puzzles, and maybe even your Zoom karaoke sessions, might now be feeling lackluster, whether it’s your fourth, fifth, or sixth quarantined Friday night at home. To offer some exuberant weekend entertainment, The Arts Commission annual fundraiser, The Mix, is hosting a unique live-streamed DJ set by Scotty Boombox tomorrow night, Friday, May 15, 2020, from 7-9pm. You can now get your groove on in the comfort of your home. 

This happy-in-your-home hour will kick off many more online events choosing elements of the traditional Mix to host during the next couple of months. The series in planning will offer musical performances, live Young Artists at Work or YAAW auctions, and even a VIP experience. 

The Mix is a blend of local arts— visual, musical, performance and experiential. It’s a celebratory fundraiser to honor the arts, artists and local culture. Initially planned for tomorrow evening at the Erie Street Market, you can now stream some jollity with your community live on The Arts Commission Facebook page. It is encouraged to dress up even with nowhere to go because, why not! 

Ryan Bunch, Director of Community Initiatives at the Arts Commission, says the arts have always mattered, but right now it feels like now, more than ever, people are leaning on the arts and artists to provide levity, inspiration, escape and relief. Ryan encourages people to reach out and support their local artists in any way they can if they are able. Around sixty-five percent of artists nationally are out of work and this is having a huge impact locally.

Ryan says music is a great vehicle to offer connections. Tomorrow night is just a way to bring brightness into people’s homes and lives. If you live above someone, it is recommended to warn your downstairs neighbor now so that you can cut the rug. 

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