Rowan Renee Exhibit at University of Toledo

. February 1, 2019.

“Who owns your body?” is a deceptively complicated question, demonstrated by genderqueer artist Rowan Renee. After collaborating with a former partner, Renee found themselves in a peculiar position— nude images of the artist’s body were used in co-authored work, limiting Renee’s access and ownership of the images because of copyright law. After a legal dispute in 2013, Renee reclaimed the lost images, “asserting the transformative power of artistic labor for experiences of sexual abjection.” With the images now altered and transformed into new works, Renee’s exhibition “No Honor No Heart” is a powerful statement on the authorship of queer and feminine bodies in art history. Renee will speak about their works on Friday, February 1 during a 6pm lecture at the Toledo Museum of Art Little Theater, with an opening reception following from 7-8pm.

On view through February 14
University of Toledo Center for the Visual Arts main gallery,
620 W. Grove Pl. | 419-530-8300. | Free