NY artist Joseph Cavalieri Teaches Master Class at TMA

. April 23, 2019.

Did you know that some of the most common idioms and early moral lessons date back to a slave and storyteller who lived in ancient Greece in 600 BC? From “slow and steady wins the race” to “honesty is the best policy,” Aesop’s Fables continue to educate, enchant and inspire, influencing pop culture, children’s books and the stained glass work of Joseph Cavalieri, a New York City-based artist. Known for his witty and imaginative, Medieval-style stained glass, drawing on diverse cultural references, Cavalieri’s work pays tribute to Jackie O, Robert Crumb, the Simpsons, and Aesop. The artisan will soon visit the Toledo Museum of Art to teach local glass artists his process during a one-week master class (May 6-10). Hear from Cavalieri during a free artist lecture at the TMA on Thursday, May 9, from 7-8pm.

Toledo Museum of Art, 2445 Monroe St.
419-255-8000 | Toledomuseum.org | Free