Marks and Madness— playful colors and shapes at Hudson Gallery

. July 6, 2020.
Hudson Gallery
Hudson Gallery
Wolcott B-Side 48x48

Wolcott B-Side

A fascinating pair of Michigan-based artists are the focus of a new exhibit at the Hudson Gallery.

Marks and Madness will be displayed at the Hudson through August 14, and features the stunning and imaginative work of Matt Wolcott and John McLaughlin, two artists who eschew traditional form and design for a playful and beautiful palette of color and shape.

Wolcott is a graduate of Ohio State University. His canvases evoke the controlled chaos of masters such as Jackson Pollack, with his paintings bringing together abstract combinations of color, design and method into a beautiful, exciting final form that is endlessly engaging to view.

McLaughlin is based in Canton, MI, and his canvases are no less exciting and full of life. With more distinct forms taking up the whole of the visible space, McLaughlin plays with expectations and shapes, making every corner of his canvas a joy to observe.

Marks and Madness features all-new paintings by both creators and is a must-see for anyone looking for adventurous and enthralling art.

McLaughlin Blue Clay

McLaughlin Blue Clay

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