It's Friday & Ongoing Exhibitions

. July 24, 2012.

Toledo Museum of Art
2445 Monroe St.
it’s friday


Create a paperweight in the Hot Shop at 6, 7 or 8pm. Take a patriotism-themed public tour, “Stars and Stripes,” at 7 or 8. Free glassblowing demonstrations all night long, starting at 7pm.


Blind Bobby Smith and Princess Tiona play aClub Friday gig in the Peristyle, from 6:30-9:30pm. Create a glass strawberry in the Hot Shop at 6, 7 or 8pm. In a hands-on activity,
dip glass marbles in paint from 7-9pm. Free public tours of the Jules Olitski Exhibition at 7 and 8pm, and free glassblowing demonstrations at 7, 8 & 9pm.

ongoing exhibitions

TMA is recognizing the 50th anniversary of Toledo Workshops with Color Ignited: Glass 1962-2012. This free exhibit features artwork from the past half-century, highlighting Toledo Workshop participants and focuses on the important role of color in all phases of glassmaking.