Explore Drawing with Yusuf Abdul Lateef

. April 23, 2019.

Handwriting is unique and may reflect an individual’s personality. And if analyzing handwriting is valid, what about interpreting an artist’s personality through art? Join accomplished Toledo artist Yusuf Abdul Lateef to explore how drawing can be used to express emotional intelligence, imagination, memory and personal experiences during The Intuitive Hand: Drawing Exercises from Within. The four-week class will help students discover art’s meaning through reflective lessons and exercises.

Ages 17+ | Please register in advance.
For a full list of recommended materials, see online.
$100 | 6-8pm on Mondays, May 13-June 3
The Art Supply Depo, 29 S. St. Clair St.
419-720-6462 | artsupplydepo.com